Friday, October 28, 2005

memory game

a couples of young teen was playing memory game on the stair's step, I stand there and watch for a while.
Not only it can help enhance memory, but also take you mind off the ever freaking dirty Interneck.

Time for some physical work out.

think of what and you see what

This is now evywhere I tell you, it even on Boing boing.
They say you can see The big man image here leh! lostin think they are nuts!
Where got? how come I left see right see also cannot see?

How can you tell that's the man who died 2 thousands years ago and no photo left behind?

Maybe this is my grandmother father son, I hate propaganda!

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Historical figure of Oct - Real General

He is a real General, one that goes through real war and command true respect, one that even the most Ah beng soldier also heard of, not some kind of because-nobody-than-anyhow-promote General.

His story has many fold, there is even some myth about him.

His famous quotes: “Old soldier never die, they just fade away” and “I shall return”

So far his most famous “expedition” is the Korea war, which he led the allied consist of more than 26 nations and landed in Inchon, this effectively cut off the supplies of North Korea Army and turn the tide of Korea war.

Although the Korea war is consider the ‘forgotten’ war, but thanks to internet, more and more have come to know about this, but what many people don’t know is when the time he lead the landing in Inchon, the tide was said to be only once per 50 years, and according to him, this is “Divine Will”.

General Douglas MacArthur ( ), Wikipedia version.

Douglas MacArthur ( at

And from Empereur ( – MacArthur (

But, because he “不会做人” and offended some big shot, so before he can nuke China and end the Cold War, President Truman removed him, sad ending for a true General.

This, once again prove that vision is not important, but “要会做人”.

pow-der-ful T-shirt

Today lostin is like a plague.

Wherever I go evybirdy siam me, I tuck in my pocket and draw my weapon, people start to take cover, Haha! perhaps my imagination.

lostin aslo notice since he start telling people he blog, some friends start to avoid him like the old time when he join NID, as if he have some kind of brain washing powder or can cast a curse on you. But then I cannot blame you, even I also siam my MLM friends, freaking annoying right?

"Blogger very scary meh?"

I tell you hor! with this T-shirt walking around Singapore whole day...

"I more scare than you"

Thursday, October 27, 2005

In between

The office is freeking cold today, so I fill my bottle with hot water.
Lady don't try this, ok? man remember not to put too close, specially if you not yet married.
Also PLEASE read the heat tolerance label under your bottle before doing this, I say oredy hor!

is like before the execution

I guess thats it! 白鸡,油鸡,炸鸡,卤鸡, 鸡蛋 all also have.
Like that don't died also cannot.

Tomorrow will be more dreadful.


I got this link, thanks leh!
he is breddie cool! (Warning hor!: The short film is full of blood, rated M18)

divine curse

Finally, now this lift is behaving properly.

It used to go up when I press down amd go down when I press up, now the door open automatically when I stand infront.

It now understand me, must be I everytime everytime complain KNN stupid lift, KNN stupid logic, machine somehow also can feel it.

so it change its behaviour.

Good, must try this to my stupid lift at my flat also.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

lonely is shiok!

No, it is not.

But self pity leads you nowhere.

The long past conversation recall;
"Do you know how you can vanish from this universe for good?"
"Do not love and be love."
"that's impossible!"

Mind bogging leh! Stop bugging me with this kind of philosophy, can?

I have to work and keep telling myself life is worth living, ok?

Poem of Oct - whats worth fighting for?

End of month oredy! In view of all famous poet, historian, great man and women, there is still no one to tell me what really is life?




The picture is 王维, that is another poet.

Most poet are known not because of good poem, but because they understand life.
And the meaning of life is to seek happiness.

Singaporean is creative, definitely

Moody morning as I wonder wither Singaporean is zombies of our Gahmen or not. I saw this sweet wrapper in one of SMRT's lift. I walk around the lift and find no lobang for the paper to 'accidentally' swoop in, so...

This must be a creative way of self expression.

and I still think Singapore is boring.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


20 odd years ago, you told me that this language is going to be trend and switch all school to EL1. Well, you are right, but I am now still struggling at it, like my school time.

Now the world has change and the gaint is rising, damn you that you have had not enough foresight to tell me this earlier. I can now see Raynor struggling with the more diffcult to learn Chinese.

I am all determine to end this vicous cycle once and for all.

Hell with it, I will even make him learn Indian, bahasa Indon, Japanese, Korean and Native America tongue(incase they rise back) etc etc.

History never stop repeating itself, it only end when it end in you.

The end of world may not come, but yours will.


Last night the almighty came to me, he showed me his Scripture.

In the Beginning:

"The earth was empty. Darkness covered everything. But Tigor, Piglet and Pooh were there, and they have a plan."

How wonderful but who see?

Nowsaday kids very hiong leh! Even the Bible also dare to change.

brown lorry

Either this company or, this lorry has been browned by editor of Tomorrow.
If you haven't vist his site yet.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Zen of William year 2 - The Answer

William say - money


“No, no, mon-ney”


As if like it doesn’t really need to exist, or it really doesn’t?

10Q leh!

I get on the MRT at City Hall, wanted to go Bishan, you are so kind you give me the seat at Braddell MRT, right before you alight.

The MRT is so full of people, we hardly find place to stand.

I, on behalf of my third born, would like to say
"Thankyou very much hor! SINGAPOREAN!"

I not geek

One geek, me.
I am so going to suck my whole web site down.