Friday, October 28, 2005

Historical figure of Oct - Real General

He is a real General, one that goes through real war and command true respect, one that even the most Ah beng soldier also heard of, not some kind of because-nobody-than-anyhow-promote General.

His story has many fold, there is even some myth about him.

His famous quotes: “Old soldier never die, they just fade away” and “I shall return”

So far his most famous “expedition” is the Korea war, which he led the allied consist of more than 26 nations and landed in Inchon, this effectively cut off the supplies of North Korea Army and turn the tide of Korea war.

Although the Korea war is consider the ‘forgotten’ war, but thanks to internet, more and more have come to know about this, but what many people don’t know is when the time he lead the landing in Inchon, the tide was said to be only once per 50 years, and according to him, this is “Divine Will”.

General Douglas MacArthur ( ), Wikipedia version.

Douglas MacArthur ( at

And from Empereur ( – MacArthur (

But, because he “不会做人” and offended some big shot, so before he can nuke China and end the Cold War, President Truman removed him, sad ending for a true General.

This, once again prove that vision is not important, but “要会做人”.

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