Friday, August 27, 2010

Eternal Cheeseburger

This video is not for the faint of heart, and those who visit fast food regularly.

A cheeseburger from McDonald, New York left untouched for 137 days, still fresh. Dunk in hydrochloric acid, no problem. I am not sure, did they try electrocuting it? Maybe it's only weakness is Kryptonite.

This is The food they should pack for a nuclear fallout.

Stock it now! in case the price of gold drops, or you can sell them back to McDonald when they run out of burger.

Will MaxiCash accept this huh?

Source: McDonald’s Hamburgers: Almost Entirely Indestructible

Thanks, jymster.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The kid knows more Internet lingo than me

Since when you give a kid a PC, web connectivity, and they master the language of the web faster than you can anticipate.

I got him this t-shirt, I Gun N00b, for his birthday because he constantly beat me at any game which requires flexibility.

His PSLE is around the corner, so he is refrain from playing game and focus on his study.

We love you Raynor, and happy Birthday.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Agora, Clash of Religion

I know not many have watched this movie, I also know little will consider owning the DVD. But I want to recommend to friends who believe, or don’t believe. Or think that science and logic is everything that this universe is, there is no God.

At roughly 301AD, King Tiridates III proclaims Christianity the state Religion after he was cure by Gregory.

100 years later, Christianity flourishes throughout the west, Jewish is scattered. Background story in Roman Egypt, where the Great Lighthouse was built, and evolves mainly around Hypatia, the famous Philosopher who was stoned to death, and torn apart. She is a martyr of Science, called a witch.

This is a serious film, you can see in many parts how beliefs was debated, like it is today, many scene how Religious leader cleverly use their knowledge of the Scripture to mislead crowd, and how Science and Religion misunderstood each other. Later in history many scientist was burned, staked, or crucified as heretic, many golden centuries of Religion was marked in this way.

I watched, like this film and then later found out that it won awards, but has difficulty winning crowd.

I watched again with subtitles, part of me was moved, part sadden. It is still what we see today, although not obvious.

But then again, I also enjoyed it very much. We should have more movie like this.

Go get the DVD, or come get from me. If I host a movie event, this is what I will show. 5 star.