Friday, February 24, 2006

The relentless ideas on the internet

Now, I do not entirely support the ideas of pirates, but....
to stop people from downloading content from the internet is like a dream, that, can never come true, is like stopping human urge to multiply, would essentially stop all human from creating at all.

Now, before it go on big screen, you can download, who would ever want to crack their head and go through all the works anymore? Wait! wait! soon you can download this....

Via Gfans ---------> VeryCD
I also hope they provide high quality download.
go there at your own risk.

Update: The MPAA is taking very serious action already,
MPAA sues newsgroup, P2P search sites
But hor! Why they never sue those China company site like 飞客 and BT China
huh? scare huh? no jurisdiction issit?
Now want to download quickly go, later no more liao!

Fossils of ancient dinosaur age mammals uncovered in China

This is what it was imagine before they discovered the fossil, it said to be Jurassic Beaver
According to the China official spoke man, Zhe-Xi Luo
“Its lifestyle was probably very similar to the modern-day platypus,”

The mammals live together, sleep together and eat together with dinosaur in lakes located at the Northern parts of main land China.

I hope they can uncovered more story, new life is always interesting.


Submersible thumb drive BenQ DP213

Do you often drop you USB drive into water? ever dream of carrying a thumb with you while diving, like James Bond?
I guess not, but having a USB thumb drive that can take up a substantial water pressure is surely nice.

Tha water resistent ability of the product not only credit to its special glue externally, but its also apply a technology name "ultra wave seal" internally, unlike others thumb only have a glue outside. This technological application is still at a very expensive stage, which only BenQ is doing it now.

The downside of this gadget is, its maximum capacity is only 256MB.

Why don't you do it yourself! D U D E

Night comes, end of season one on my TNG.
I freekin hate this and miss my former philippino housekeeper.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Underground prono database - Parents beware!

Parents, company heads and whom ever is concern, there is this service hidden beneath you.
The sex uploader, (Please do not click on the link if your age is not legally permitted, and it is also NSFW!) will add to the continue decline of the already down fall of Human moral value.

If you think you are safe, look around first, and you are above 18++, you can go and have a browse of what kind of sevices they provide(I did), use it at your own risk!!

But hor! Please do not encourage people for what hor you know.

Freek me first hor!

I posted this because I feel that 正午定著,无所遁形 and 无止无尽,无轮徊。

Rss Forwarder as a dual function web application

Here is a very useful web application I am currently using, The RSS Forwarder.
Tired of hopping from blog to blog, site to site, news to news, just key in the URL of the site that have RSS feed and, you email address. Viola! you now can read the full content in your inbox, the feed will update every 6-12 hours.

I also use this to backup my blog content, same thing, instead, I enter my own email address.

But WAIT! you think thats all? No! this can also become a double edge sword if you like. Imagine an undesirable, disgusting web URL, or blog, and then the email of some one you don't got it, you spam me, I'll too double spammed you! but you dunno who I am! RSS FWD will do the job for me.

Haha! vengence is sweet, revenge is mine.

Relevant read on the web : What is RSS?

Spread the blood of the lamb on your front door

Remembered I have rant about the spread and effect of the avian H5N1 Bird flu in Singapore, well, that post seem like is for fun, but it was not, because now it is like the a dark wave sweeping through many country, Western and Eastern, soon it is going to be very real to us.
2 days ago there was also a news talking about this possible pandemic from CNN, scare, like the black death that wipe out one third of European population in the 14th century, only this time we are more well inform and prepare, or are we?

This also remind me about the Bible 'myth' when Pharaoh refuse to let the Israel people leave Egypt, a wave of black death sweep across the country and all first born was take away, only those that has painted the blood of the lamb of the front door is spare.

Singapore population are living very close to each other, every day we see, touch and use the same equipment, HDB, buses, MRT, wet market and even the public toilet.

If the virus go air bond,(likely possible) and come here, I think we may have serious problem, probably worst than SARS.

Update: Now I really hope this post will not become a H5N1 Avian flu watch, but seem like it is getting nearer to Singapore:
Malaysia says 40 chickens died of H5N1 bird flu virus
Lets hope it will not get out of hand

Update 2: This is going nowhere, I feel like myself becoming H5N1 watcher, but if I dun say, I feel a bit 良心不安。
WHO: Changes in H5N1 virus may promote spread in birds
India Kills 223,000 Birds; Virus Spreads in Europe (Update2)
Yesterday I went to clinic and found out that the flu vaccine is out of stock, maybe worldwide, apparently many people in fear of the Avian flu, rush to their nearest GP and jab on to any flu vaccine that is available. Let me enlighten some Singaporean here, there is currently no vaccine that would effective against the H5N1 Avian bird Flu virus, if you kena, pray very hard to whatever God that you believe, because there ain't any cure or remedy ready to help.

You would need a miracle.

Update 3: This will be the last update, it seem like it will become un-trackable
HK bird flu virus linked to S.Korea 2004 strain
It will continue to get worst, I fear, this is unavoidable, we should get prepare that it can come from all direction.

Fun pic of recycle computer parts being mold into other thingy

One of my readers send me a tons of picture of recycle computer parts being make into other useful thingy, freekin brilliant! cool!
I love the pic and upload it to my Flickr.
Here is the link to the tags of this cool pictures, and here is the link to the slide show.

Thanks leh! Loretta (send my regards to you Mum)

Flickr photo tags: UnusePC

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The end of BT, give rise to foxy

Tired of Bit Comet already?
You can go try Foxy 1.8.5, it has the download speed as good as any BT P2P, and further more, it can search for many different format, like .rar .zip etc, and take only 5 minutes to learn even for amatuer geek...

Cannot find huh! download link here

But hor! get your anti virus software handy and up to date, I warn oredi hor!

I am not responsible for any thing you download with it hor!

Before you go happily downloading this foxy lady, read this piece of, I think is great news..
BitTorrent Launches Free, Downloadable Music and Film Trailers From South by Southwest 2006


Yesterday, Raynor and I went to see the GP together, for his long due DPT vaccine injection.
He was rather resistent initially, and started to imagine how painful it will be for a sharp metal to penetrate his arm, I can't find a word to console him.

Just before we leave our house, William, upon learning about his elder going for that kind of dreadful stuff, immidately handed one of his favourite thingy - The Power Ranger toy to his brother, we find it too troublesome to carry it to the clinic and gently reject, but he insisted:

"Give, Koko, Give!"
"Koko, take! take!"
We cannot refuse his kindness, and guess that he believes the little idol will somehow give his elder the courage and protection. Sure enough, Raynor never shear a single tears throughout the injection. After we are home, William admire his brother tiny wound with plaster on it, as if he is the hero of the family.

"Koko, pain? pain?"
"Koko no pain! like mozzie bite like that."
I cannot take this event off my mind, and I believe it will stay with me for many years to come.

William is only 2 and a half now, turning to three this coming May.

I envy you, Raynor.
And I wish I could become a brother like you have now.

Cute rabbit spotted loitering around HDB area

A single rabbit was left near a hazardeous rubbish chute that I sometime pass by after my work. I spoke to one of the near by Indian resident who is currently looking after this little critter, they said one Chinese girl came and 放生 this rabbit, after that they just provide food and let it roam around that area freely.

"It is quite seem intelligent, whenever my family is home and come out for our every night relax session, it will come near us to give us greeting, as if we are family."
The Indian family also ask whether I would like to own it?

"It looks more happy this way."

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Manga Review: 神鬼一族

A group of Blogger autistic moron set out to infiltrate into all level of society, trying their feeble plan to reform the World.
Full Manga review
This Manga I have been reading for sometimes now, I am about almost to give up already.

How can a group of moron with no formal education whatsoever change the world? it is the most feeble idea I ever heard.

Or, maybe when you believe you can, you can!

Gadget: Lacie Rugged all terrain hard drive

Engadget had news about this last month, I, of the mountain turtle only know this now.
This portable hard drive look so cool, and not only that, it can also with stand quite a punishment.

And IMHO, I think many female would also very much like to hold and touch it, I mean, doesn't it look like one of cosmetic box which you carry anywhere you go?

But I cannot find any place that this gadget is selling in Singapore, anyone know where please leave a word here.

Poem: 代价

This is my poem, I will duplicate one here - Link to The Price



Few thousand years ago Emperor Qin 焚书坑儒. Now authorities try their very best to do the same. They tried stopping your free expression online, blocked access to information and manipulated searches online. It is not the same as burns books or executes scholars. No?

What must we pay to own these rights?

Our blood?

Monday, February 20, 2006

Raynor and my dream dog

On my Sunbath day I bump into my kind of dream dog twice.
The Siberian Husky is surely, undoubtly the most charming dog, and the only kind of dog I ever wanted in my life, am I too old to own one now, (dear huh?)

Especially when you look straight into its eyes, yes! if you know it, they have diffierent colour, it is so beautiful, like two soul in one entity.

I got permission form the ower to take a photo with Raynor beside it, as you can see, he is a bit uncomfortable, this photo is going to be send to the dog owner and follow by this post.

Hey, I pass by there every Saturday noon, can I see you again? you have a great dog.

Nothing new under the sun

The world is so quiet today, like the quiet-ness before the storm.
An the world situation is going down, as like on this chart, people ignore the moral teaching of religion, focus on only $$$$$, and science, and logic, and how to be more famous, and how to own bigger house... so on, so forth and so long human.....

the only news I raed today is this blogger thingy, who cares?

Might as well go read my joke and have a good laugh, hor?

Good morning Singapore!

Ruth In her nineth weeks
Good morning for all those who frequent my site.
My Papa is getting more busy nowsaday, so I may sometimes be guest blogging here.


Sunday, February 19, 2006


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3. If you are
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freek-about this.

freek him with whatever you like, but he can survive without any freek.

freek has no relation with flickr.

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7 1/2. Pardon lostin english, he is a chinese helicopter, really.

8. lostin has the
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