Friday, February 24, 2006

The relentless ideas on the internet

Now, I do not entirely support the ideas of pirates, but....
to stop people from downloading content from the internet is like a dream, that, can never come true, is like stopping human urge to multiply, would essentially stop all human from creating at all.

Now, before it go on big screen, you can download, who would ever want to crack their head and go through all the works anymore? Wait! wait! soon you can download this....

Via Gfans ---------> VeryCD
I also hope they provide high quality download.
go there at your own risk.

Update: The MPAA is taking very serious action already,
MPAA sues newsgroup, P2P search sites
But hor! Why they never sue those China company site like 飞客 and BT China
huh? scare huh? no jurisdiction issit?
Now want to download quickly go, later no more liao!

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