Thursday, February 23, 2006

Spread the blood of the lamb on your front door

Remembered I have rant about the spread and effect of the avian H5N1 Bird flu in Singapore, well, that post seem like is for fun, but it was not, because now it is like the a dark wave sweeping through many country, Western and Eastern, soon it is going to be very real to us.
2 days ago there was also a news talking about this possible pandemic from CNN, scare, like the black death that wipe out one third of European population in the 14th century, only this time we are more well inform and prepare, or are we?

This also remind me about the Bible 'myth' when Pharaoh refuse to let the Israel people leave Egypt, a wave of black death sweep across the country and all first born was take away, only those that has painted the blood of the lamb of the front door is spare.

Singapore population are living very close to each other, every day we see, touch and use the same equipment, HDB, buses, MRT, wet market and even the public toilet.

If the virus go air bond,(likely possible) and come here, I think we may have serious problem, probably worst than SARS.

Update: Now I really hope this post will not become a H5N1 Avian flu watch, but seem like it is getting nearer to Singapore:
Malaysia says 40 chickens died of H5N1 bird flu virus
Lets hope it will not get out of hand

Update 2: This is going nowhere, I feel like myself becoming H5N1 watcher, but if I dun say, I feel a bit 良心不安。
WHO: Changes in H5N1 virus may promote spread in birds
India Kills 223,000 Birds; Virus Spreads in Europe (Update2)
Yesterday I went to clinic and found out that the flu vaccine is out of stock, maybe worldwide, apparently many people in fear of the Avian flu, rush to their nearest GP and jab on to any flu vaccine that is available. Let me enlighten some Singaporean here, there is currently no vaccine that would effective against the H5N1 Avian bird Flu virus, if you kena, pray very hard to whatever God that you believe, because there ain't any cure or remedy ready to help.

You would need a miracle.

Update 3: This will be the last update, it seem like it will become un-trackable
HK bird flu virus linked to S.Korea 2004 strain
It will continue to get worst, I fear, this is unavoidable, we should get prepare that it can come from all direction.

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