Thursday, February 23, 2006

Rss Forwarder as a dual function web application

Here is a very useful web application I am currently using, The RSS Forwarder.
Tired of hopping from blog to blog, site to site, news to news, just key in the URL of the site that have RSS feed and, you email address. Viola! you now can read the full content in your inbox, the feed will update every 6-12 hours.

I also use this to backup my blog content, same thing, instead, I enter my own email address.

But WAIT! you think thats all? No! this can also become a double edge sword if you like. Imagine an undesirable, disgusting web URL, or blog, and then the email of some one you don't got it, you spam me, I'll too double spammed you! but you dunno who I am! RSS FWD will do the job for me.

Haha! vengence is sweet, revenge is mine.

Relevant read on the web : What is RSS?

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