Saturday, July 09, 2005

SunBath day: Mourning for the victims of London Blast

Have to settle some Bank issue...

I missed the sun, so are the all the victim of 911, tsunami and the recent London blast.

Rest in Peace!

Friday, July 08, 2005

Blogger Beware!!

I came across this while blogding, apparently, someone kenna.

I am not sure, hope someone can verify, I smell a fish..(izzit zanother conspiracy?)

Lostin got Listed!!

This is the 1st time somebody has list me other than the gahmen, should I.....

OH! Thanks Heng-Cheong Leong

you all please visit his site leh, Myapplemenu

This freakin piece of puzzle, when I left it there unchecked, it resolved and came out by itself...

Follow by the London blast, we are no longer safe at any part of the world, I couldn't sleep last nite...

We need a new logic to solve this kind of problem, politic can't do the job anymore.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Why blogging is so much appealing to me?

What has happen to me, man at my age shouldn't get confuse any more, but here I am blogging again...

Maybe I have an addiction, it is highly possible.

I have to squeeze my brain of all the reasoning juice and find a analogy for this, so here we go.

De logic:

~ An expression of self image, from the day we are born, we know that we are different. We represent an individual truth body of the universal that are:
1. Unique - cannot be duplicated, that you cannot find another 'me' in the whole universe. (ya! I know I know about the clone thing, but can't you just agree with me and satisfy my ego)

2. Eternal - come on! man! don't you want to live forever, or be forever young. (if there is a vampire out there, I invite you to come bite me, just email me.)

3. Unchanging - I can bet almost all human are reluctance to change, OK! OK! for something good we can, but once is good, we secretly hope that it would last.

4. Purpose Driven - I don't know how many blogger have a secret agenda, but I do.

~ Pro-creation
This is by far the greatest temptation of all, I mean look at the American. They do it at any place and any time. This is such a strong desire because this make sure that we cannot extinct. We enjoy it and many will died for it.

~ Freedom
We wish not to be bound, everybody want freedom, freedom to speak, freedom to choose, freedom to believe..... You can go on and on.
But I would like to express this, in freedom it come guidelines and responsibility, without it all we have chaos.

so Bloggon!

There is something here that I need to confess. When I come across web-log my 1st impression was - it is EVIL! But after I come across some really good bloggers, my mind change! here I would Like to credit some of them:

- Mr Brown deep personalities.

- Mr Miyagi (also fun but more) and kind hearted and love life.

- XiaXue (sorry I dunno what to say bout u)

- Insaintly yours (seem very 'luan') but actually highly creative and have sharp observation.

- DSng (I envy him the most) as I am an idiot when it come to arts and music.

Soooo cheong hei, ok lah, until next time.

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The hilarious back yard boys

Recently I visited baidu and discover this....

As long as you love me

I want it that way

separated journey

Fairy tales

They really make my day, as good as Stephen Chou.

This boys has surge the top download of baidu! million literately.

Yesterday in TODAY: Can we really quantify who is Singaporean?

Usually I don't read TODAY, but it happen that some student left it on the table, so...

...blah blah ...Singaporean...blah blah blah.....Singapore
Singaporean this and Singaporean that...

Ok, very nicely written, but I don't quite get it. Was this some kind of the big Singapore egoism(大新加坡主义)? or somebody trying to tell people how much he love Singapore?

But my real question is - Can we really quantify who truely is a Singaporean and who is not?

Is it someone that hold the pink IC will automatically consider to be a Singaporean? or something you do in the name of Singapore?

Or is actually where you Heart belong? Enlighten me.

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

How to be a Garment boy?

1. your garment must be white, if not, at least your horse must be.

2. You must get your 'A' level here or here.

3. you must not join this, this, this and this.

4. If you go internet, do not go there, there, there and there.

5. last but not least, if you can, change your ancestor and name. Learn from them and them.

tats all! good luck to you!

Disclaimer: The ideas posted here are er... just ideas, if you do not agree with me, please don't humtum me. Instead, you can email me, I also welcome your comments.

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Who is my true friend?

In the world of manga I am a Warrior Angel, Uncompromise and full of fighting spirit......

But in the real world, I am more like this..........

?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla

To my friends and my foe, I will fight for what I believe.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

TerriBear 2 - King of the Jungle

Baby king
Originally uploaded by lostin.

What look you?
I eat this my way or NO way!

Spider Baby
Originally uploaded by lostin.
Do you want do know who am I?

My identity is not for the faint of heart....

Monday, July 04, 2005

Working day: Blue

This damn..freakin puzzle, no matter how many time you solve and resolve it, you still cannot find a logical image to the answer.

Anyone? dinner on me.