Friday, January 19, 2007

Internet ΟΔΥΣΣΕΙΑ 4

PDF to Word v2.0
Convert PDF to Word, not for you to copy others

500 useless facts
Since it is useless, click only when you are curious

For those who don’t know or don’t bother to type IPconfig

Blogger, you must try this and let me know

World's smallest computer
This is really small, if you seen this on Digg, don't bother to click.

The Font Thing
Read carefully, it is the font thing, not front thing

Orgasm when you yawn
This anti depresstant causes orgasm during yawning when consume, believe it on not.

Microsoft Photo Story
Tell stories with photos; add your background music etc

The Bible Museum
US plans to build Museum, according to the record of Bible

FastStone Image Viewer 2.7
Elegant image viewer, test it out.

Collection of places name makes you snicker

A Town Called DildoThe other day I read a Boingboing post about a town called Feces; I got a little curious and did some Google. It result in some of the most hilarious moment I had on the web, I came across many exotic places like Ballsbridge, Cocktown, Fucking Town, Sexmoan, and many others.

Imagine I stay here, and someone ask, are you a suckerer/ian?

This is my favorite, the Vulcan Park at Birmingham.

(Link) to almost all weird and funny places name that you ever see.

Kittredge Cherry’s Jesus in Love

Kittredge CherryThis novel profiles Jesus as a bisexual being; describes his mission of Messiah as an erotic adventure. The book also reveals Christ intimate relationship with his disciples. Need to say more? (Link) Somehow I feel this book will not make it here, needless to explain.

Tarzan girl emerged from jungle after lost for 19 years

Tarzan WomanRo Cham H'pnhieng, was thought as eaten by animal when she got lost at 8, her father and a police officer discovered her in Cambodia jungle living like animal recently, recognizing mark on her right arm, her father bought her back home again. She is now 27 years old and is slowly recovering.

Jerk off Gameboy commercial

@#$% GameboyAfter this ad, you will not hold Gameboy the same way you do again, ever! @#$%, Youtube should rate this commercial M18. (Video) Not safe for kids!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Enterprise Theater RSS 1701Z

Starship Theater
Why no body builds this here? It would have been my favorite cinema in Singapore. (Link) via /.

Out of print propaganda posters of Russian Japan war

Russia Agitate posterFrom the site, all these posters contains negative propaganda message against Japan. Russia authority has since destroys all such posters. So, this could be the last time you are going to see it here. (Link)

I remembered Singapore use to have China Maoist’s propaganda materials selling at some black market book shop, those are consider banned by Singapore government during my father’s time. I am quite fortunate to see some of them, because my grandpa sneaks them in.

Guy wrote his name on island so it can be seen on Google Earth

Name on IslandThe Dubai blog describes him as megalomaniac. Quotes from the post,

“The island is called Al Futaisi (or Futaysi) and is quoting from their website "The number one United Arab Emirates (UAE) ecotourism destination, under the patronage of Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, is a unique harmony of fun, health, education and environmental awareness" for more info on this visit”


“At least no one can ask him to prove the island belongs to him if he has his name splattered all across it.”

(Link) with original Google image

China boy consume blood regularly to survive

Vampire boyChina Vampire kid, 舒晓 (not real name), has a peculiar condition. He need to drink blood whenever his illness strike, when it did, his hands and foot went stiff, face contorted, only blood can relief him from the condition. Many psychiatrists and doctors in China cannot define his sickness.

I try to Google for his picture, but no vail.

Floppy diskette Starship Enterprise

Floppy Disk EnterpriseAnd the how to, it is simple looking, but for Star Trek fans, they can create a fleet. (Link)

Web zero offers ten thousands GB free usage

MediaFire logo
For those of you that utilize free web space will be familiar with Rapidshare, but RS needs you to sign up if not will gives you all kind of restriction, quite frustrating for people who wanted no headache free web space.

I just discover this, unlimited upload and download, no bandwidth restriction, plus all kind extra goodies, if you sign up you also enjoy the plus services. This is a double edged sword; go and try before it becomes the space for copyright war and porn video sharing. (Link) to MediaFire

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Expression of women in bikini waxing

Bikini wax faceVery interesting, 100% work safe video of girls getting their privates wax, the main point was not the lower part, try looking at those facial expressions, priceless! (Video)

Youtube: Rock’n Roll history of Religion under 2 minutes

History of Religion
Religion and History are the most boring subject in the world, but not this one; this is short, clear and …. Rocks! (Video)

Shirts and stuffs crafted from wood

Some how, it don’t seem wood like, the art work looks real that it actually appears soft. (Link)
Wooden craft shirt and hat

Water drips freeze to form statue of Virgin Mary

Ice Virgin MaryThe picture is not quite clear, but surely it takes a faithful person to see the Holy Mother in this ice statue, read the full story from this blog post and this news. (Link) via

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Black dragon backpack

Eragon BackpackYou feel very powerful just by carrying one of this, many kids are sure to follow behind you.

Iraq insurgent uses Google Earth to aid their attacks

BasraTerrorist uses images downloaded from Google Earth, and sold in the black market of Basra to plan their attack on British military bases. The satellite photos pinpoint the weak area of those bases such as concentration of barracks, armored vehicles, troop’s deployment etc, from the commander of the base, the insurgent’s attack gets closer and more accurate each day, one of the many reason to suspect they are getting those intelligent.

Google is prepared to talk with the Military.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Extremely beautiful sand sculpture at beach of Maryland

Amazing sand sculptureThese artistic sculptures created out of sand are so pretty to the very details, I couldn’t believe that the one man created this in one day, the waves came, he make another one the next day. Hats off! (Link)

British school banned crucifix necklace

Sliver Crucifix NecklaceGillingham School says Samantha Devine violated health and safety rules by wearing a cross, it has to be remove. Family of Samantha will fight it because other Religious group can put on their religion symbol. (Link)

Cancer drugs eggs from genetically engineered chicken

Cancer drugs ChickenThe team that clones dolly the sheep has altered chicken gene so that the egg white in their eggs contain drugs for cancer. They also consider altering other animals and turn them into drugs producing factories. It is a more natural way, said those Scientist. (Link)

Water going costume for Islamic women

BruqiniBurqini, designed as swimming costume for Muslim women who cannot reveal their skin in public, is a cross between Burga and bikini, more like a combination of Burga and wetsuits.