Thursday, June 07, 2007

What kind of person I am

I am an extremist and strong headed racist. I specially hate those Chinese pretend to be Ang Mo race. Get out of my sight! I am telling you nicely now.

Wild computer mods exhibition

PC in an iMacVia TechRepublic, some are so so, but couples of them are really artistic. This is my personal favorites, PC components in iMAC. It proofs that creatures from different culture can actually co-exist, with Human intervention. There is still room to house a teddy bear. (Link)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dirty dancing puppet show

I took this video during my lunch hour at a shopping plaza. I am sort of surprise that no body laugh out, but I saw someone cover their mouth, in astonishment, methink. Just where did this puppeteer learn the moves from, Crazy Horse belly dancing school? (Video)

That reminds me of a song. Don't you wish your puppet can rock like me!

Photos of self made weapons seized from Chechnya

See these are things Human can do when under enough oppression, deprive of freedom. I consider this junk machine gun see here state of the art from strong desire to be free. (Link) Via EnglishRussia.

Beware of oyster fed with Viagra

A brilliant Aussie oyster farm owner came out with this great idea. The side effect brought by eating those oysters is beyond comprehension. I am sure many men will just find more reason to eat more oysters. (Link)

Monday, June 04, 2007

Youtube: Japanese high tech robot baby

CB2(Square) is a recent root baby developed and built by Japanese Science and Technology Agency. It Mimics real baby. Nuffs said, you can read them here. This is not cute! Like Endgadget had said. (Video) worst than watching zhenzi

Zoë Navarro body art of abused emotion

Body art that uses negative emotion like, fear, rape, tortured as subject is quite rare. Some of the photos are gross. If you are offended by such, please do not click on link. (Link) NSFW, to her site. More (Link) on Flickr.

Sunbath day: Foot print of Humanity

I follow Bill's foot steps. The only legacy I shall leave behind for them to follow.

Single star with a rubber band

I remember learning this at the age of 8. After thirty years it can still be interesting to many kids. Something in life never gets old. How many kids nowadays know how to twist a star out from one rubber band?

I Google and found this, all my childhood friends come alive in my mind at once.

Back dated post on PC show at Suntec

We went there, wife and me; even water also cannot pass through. Next year we will not come again, instead, visit the minishing culture at 4th floor.