Friday, March 06, 2009

The Bubble bearer in thy home, 泡沫圣经记。

Ruth recently develops a very unusual fondness in Bible. She runs with the little book around the house whole day, never neglecting even during intense play. She asked me on many nights to read those tiny words, and she sleeps with it.

It begins to worry me a little. I mean, who can interpret the scripture correctly?

Up to date, I have never told a single verse to her. Maybe is our helper. Maybe is her brother, who is really fond of the children Bible. I guess it is now inevitable that I start reading to her.







Short animation of man tries to get out of Gaza

Closed Zone is a sprightly little cartoon which offers no joy to those who watch it. A man, or is he a boy, in his desperation to find a way out, discovered exit doesn’t exist in this war zone. Even the bird was not spare.

(Link)Closed Zone, an Animation by Author of Waltz with Bashir

Thursday, March 05, 2009

A polite little note for you

Dirty MindedFor surfer who flagged my Blog, this poster is for you. I cannot, and refuse to help if you lust against opposite sex. However, I would not object if you search for pornography online. You will not find them here.

Free Will is not, you think, do anything you like and someone else bear the consequences.

‘Sexual’ oriented posts on this site are, to my best knowledge, in artistic form or meant to probe thoughts. If you sincerely tell me I got ‘bad’ taste I will accept them. I still think it is better for the young to find me than to find the real one.

There is a little link below says ‘Lamp Post’, it is for your to unleash your wrath on me. You can say whatever you like. I will not delete them, ever!

Yeah, about the above poster, there is a term for it. It’s call Reciprocal Base. In Chinese, 相对机准. Which means whatever you see, it is usually within. 

Thanks for reading.

Children of Windows cannot eat Apple

Melinda Gates, wife of Bill Gates told Fox News,

"There are very few things that are on the banned list in our household, but iPods and iPhones are two things we don't get for our kids."

According to, Gates may have also banned BlackBerrys from the high-minded halls of his philanthropic Gates Foundation, issuing Windows Mobile-powered smartphones instead.

(News)FOXNEWS, Bill Gates Won't Let His Kids Have iPods

NASA, Cisco to build Global Platform to tackle Humanity Issue

NASA and Cisco Inc. announced Tuesday a partnership to develop an online collaborative global monitoring platform called the "Planetary Skin" to capture, collect, analyze and report data on environmental conditions around the world. This data will be made available for the general public, governments and businesses to measure, report and verify environmental data in near-real-time to help detect and adapt to global climate change.

(Link)Cisco Zine, NASA, Cisco Partnership on Climate Change Monitoring Platform

Philosophical Memo design to cheer you up

Memo Designed to Cheer Up the Human RaceShort excerpt from a memo I read just a while ago,

“Does a salmon understand what's happening when it is being squeezed back up the Columbia River, battered, pushed against the current, leaping rocks, flipping forward, upward? Does a butterfly understand what's happening when it bursts, twisting and dewey-damp out of the dark, cozy cocoon?”

(Link)The Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension, A Memo Designed to Cheer Up the Human Race

Database guide in Japanese style comic book

The Manga Guide to Databases The Manga Guide to Databases is a Manga fan IT pro’s dream comes true. You can read them all you want in the office and wouldn’t get penalize.

(Link)ThinkGeek, The Manga Guide to Databases.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Flickr set of tumor cell photos in *guinea pig*

3D high res HT-29 cellIn this high resolution photograph, you can see HT-29, colon cancer cell under eye of 3D microscope. I wouldn’t say beautiful, but what else would you say with this? No 1 human killer in it’s naked form.

Who has seen something like this?

(Link)Flickr, High Resolution HT-29 Cell in Rats. *confirmation needed

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Dodecahedral Puzzle, intriguing homemade puzzle spotted via MAKE

Dodecahedral PuzzleThose who can solve the cubic puzzle under a minute. Try this.
(Link)Mind-blowing homemade dodecahedral puzzle

Bandai HR Calculator, Predicts Your Future

I cannot read Japanese. According to TokyoMango, it combined techniques of numerology to forecast your future. It is only for fun, isn’t it? No one can say accurately about future.

You see, my analogy of future is like this, if you can tell but cannot change, then there is no point to know. You won’t need to know if you can change. Right?

Have fun with this calculator(Link). 4 colors. Via TokyoMango.

Point to note: What does this ‘little’ disclaimer - ※本商品の計算結果は、実際の出来事を保証するものではありません。 Says?

Humanzees, the next evolution

Nope! Sorry to disappoint you guys, mad Scientists and fellow SF ‘Visionary’. Although they are only 2 Chromosomes apart, the generation gaps are just too great to overcome by mere looking at the surface. You have to come closer to make it happen.

(Link)Discovery Channel, via Youtube. Are Humanzees Possible?

Eye of the ugliest cat

If what they said about eye being the window of soul is true. One cannot be judge lightly without looking into his/her eye. There is no ugly eye in this world; you see ugliness through your own perspective.

Bruce Wayne Self Proclaim Zip-Up Hoodie

Batman Zip-Up HoodieBatman jacket for righteous wannabe individual. Who cares what others think! This is a darn cool jacket!

(Link)Lot29, Urban Wear - Batman Full Image - Full Zip-Up Hoodie. Via CoolestGadget.

Monday, March 02, 2009

We are creationist, it's buried so deep you didn’t realize

A psychologist at Boston University led a study which aims to prove human tends toward intelligent design is by nature. Means it is, *ahem* by ‘design’, hard coded into our brain. During the experiment, series of ambiguous true or false question like,

Flowers wilt because they get dehydrated

Rocks are jagged so animals can scratch themselves

The earth has an ozone layer in order to protect it from UV rays

drive our logic into thinking whether universe is purposeful. These clever questions, is said to have been answered ‘wrongly’ even they were given enough time to ponder upon. Deborah Kelemen, the lead psychologist also suggests that Darwin and Einstein would display the same tendency under such test.

Great work in proving Intelligent Design, :) :)

(Link)New Scientist, Life, Humans may be hard-wired to believe in creation

You choice of book or music tell your IQ

What is your favorite book or music? Wall Street Journal report on these two sites(crash already!) which state your intelligent by your choice of book or music. Example,

“Beethovan” scores 1371, makes you smartest while choosing Lil Wayne(poor Lil) is associate with the dumbest. “The Bible” is also choice of the smartest while, obviously, you will be the dumbest if you don’t read. This will surely prompt many to rethink their choice, even if they clearly do not enjoy those cultures.

(Link)The WSJ blog, Digits, Books and Music That Make You Dumb.

Sita Sings the Blues, CC license

Sita Sings the BluesNina Paley wrote on her site,
“Conventional wisdom urges me to demand payment for every use of the film, but then how would people without money get to see it? How widely would the film be disseminated if it were limited by permission and fees? Control offers a false sense of security. The only real security I have is trusting you, trusting culture, and trusting freedom.”

Sita Sings the Blues is an animation which attempts to interpret an event in Ramayana, a Sanskrit epic. In it, the different form of ideal human, like ideal king, servant, lover etc, is portrayed.

Watch here(Link), main site here(Link)1 hour 21 minutes

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Who made me?

The children jump onto our bed this morning. Ruth asks a something I don’t know how to answer.

“Who made this?” Ruth eyes flicker with curiosity while her hand was playing with hairs on my stomach. Wife distracts her by asking another.

“Do you want to have this on your stomach?”


Next time, remind me to cover those.