Thursday, March 05, 2009

A polite little note for you

Dirty MindedFor surfer who flagged my Blog, this poster is for you. I cannot, and refuse to help if you lust against opposite sex. However, I would not object if you search for pornography online. You will not find them here.

Free Will is not, you think, do anything you like and someone else bear the consequences.

‘Sexual’ oriented posts on this site are, to my best knowledge, in artistic form or meant to probe thoughts. If you sincerely tell me I got ‘bad’ taste I will accept them. I still think it is better for the young to find me than to find the real one.

There is a little link below says ‘Lamp Post’, it is for your to unleash your wrath on me. You can say whatever you like. I will not delete them, ever!

Yeah, about the above poster, there is a term for it. It’s call Reciprocal Base. In Chinese, 相对机准. Which means whatever you see, it is usually within. 

Thanks for reading.

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