Friday, October 06, 2006

Ron 40 - 龙 40 - 凤花, 手足

I thought this is the finale, but the story intensifies.... make it something like a damn good literature book, or a long novel.

Singapore jolly stick girl

When I was young, I used to draw stick figures, I make them fought and creates heroic story out of them. Today, I came across The Bitter Stickgirl and suddenly realized how much I had missed my childhood. This is a good blog with a young at heart philosophy. Take a look and enjoy the stick art. (Link)

A good hangout for Singapore working class

The author of my link blog – Summer Raindrops, Mr Pencil did a site – WorkingTribe, for Singapore working class; it aims to provide you and me a space to vent frustrations we encounter at our work place, Office politic, unreasonable bosses, smelly colleagues etc. So, come on! At least now you can write it out and not worry about your working friend poke you from the back. (Link)

One thing hor! Please don’t post any message that contains racist nature, like you can say “my stupid old virgin boss”; please don’t say “that idiot black old fart”, ok?

World smallest pinhead house sold at 20 thousand pounds

The miniature villa is build by Willard Wigan, famous micro sculptures artist in England. He takes 7 weeks at 15 hours per day to finished the micro villa. The windows is made of diamond chips and the paint job of the house is done using the hair from legs of dead spider. (Link)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Girl with rare dyslexia condition overcame with simple color solution.

Gemma Williams was diagnosed with a special, rare kind of dyslexia. From the age of three, she needs to read whatever word upside down. She suffered from this “little” inconvenience from 14 years until an unexpected solution was presented to her. By writing word on an orange color paper, or by placing an orange transparency over the writing she wanted to read, she can now reads normally. (Link)

Singapore mass genocide exercise

Off course I am kidding, the gahmen only kills 500 over old and useless chicken in an drill to prevent the outspread of H5N1 bird flu virus. I know, I know, if the news is known by some strong buhddists or animal activists, they may say the gahmen is cruel.

Hey! What? Killing chicken, even millions is still far better than banning bona-fide religious groups.

Shel Silverstein and his books revisit

Remembered I blog about Shel Silverstein and his great books for children during July? Now he has this site that is even niftier. The site features his 10 over books with stupendous flash presentation. You don’t have to buy the books anymore, all you need is a computer and off course, broadband. Or else go buy his books, not cheap but worth it.

Go, In order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, you need to have children’s heart, pure and ready for acceptance. (Link)

Video and comments: Supergun technology for future military.

Video and comments
Metal Storm Ltd is on the verge of developing a working prototype of this weapon. I also heard that China is eyeing this piece of tech, where they have monitor and try to acquire the scientist - J. Mike O'Dwyer, for the past decade. (Link) to the Wiki entry.

The weapon is like super version of shot gun, robotcop era one. 16'000 rounds per second, no jam! Wicked!

PC game that helps open up nuclear facility for tourism in Iran

Assault on Iran, Pt. 3: Payback in Iraq, developed by Kuma Reality Games, simulated an realistic attack scenario by US Marine on a key Iranian Nuclear installment, sparks a conversation. Later Iran opens up the place for tourists to see, an expression of good will. (Link)

First time in history hor! A game did something like that; need to check out the game.

Reverend Billy and the Church of stop shopping

What is the latest message form the Almighty? That shopping is a sin and we should all stop doing it. The Church of stop shopping is a recent sprout in New York; they believe that Consumerism is overwhelming our lives. Media also said that the sermon was often funny and entertaining. (Link)

They have already stage several protest against Consumerism.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Church in Auckland display sign “beware of the God”

I believe the Church is trying to reform and rebuke many of the misconceptions about Jesus, which they claim; He was not a Narnian lion. Other than that, the Anglican Church seems to have some ideas and wish to connect them to the World. (Link)


This is lostin question of philosophy time.

You have 2 watches, one practical with some very cool features, but it is outright ugly and everyone can see it. Wearing it on your hand is like telling the whole world something about your taste, although it might not be true. People hold you for what you wear.

The second one, beautiful and elegant, the watch has no any other function except to tell you the time. It can be broken easily but the brand is well known, on your hand, watchers will envy you, people will talk about you. You become a celebrity overnight.

The choice is clear. But, you still struggle….

Europe TV station plans to telecast show to Dipper constellation

Channel Arte, will telecast a TV show known as Cosmic Connexion into space through French National centre for space studies. The show, aims to “inform” the alien species who is staying 45 light years away that we had seen their crop circle. The TV station will also try to ‘education’ them about Human body. They would properly show them some of Earth’s popular culture as well. (Link)

Best of all, two presenters, one male and one female, will be naked in the show.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Singapore identity

This is my favorite topic. If I dare say, this is the single most important thing as a die hard Singaporean. It would be sad if I am wrong.

There are people who fear the wave of incoming foreign talents, I am no exception. There are also people who will not think twice about leaving here for a greener pasture, I know many of them.

Just who is a real Singaporean, a patriot and a person who truly would stand firm even Singapore was to sink?

Our cabinet minister?

I am a small fry, maybe consider insignificance to the nation, but I do have a question, if they set policy to allow foreign talents come and create competition, making many of us lose our rice bowl, will they also allow foreign talents come and run “their” country? That is, taking their rice bowl away?

Why not? I mean we are talking about great pay, if it is about wealth, I believe anyone in the world can train to be a great country administrator, and to love the nation. (Link)

Think I am talking cock?

Google launches new search mashup

Google recently registered many Mash.something domain. Many expert specculate that Google is coming out something.

Here we go, Google searchmash, web result on the left and images on the right. I still haven't get use to it yet, please go and try it out. (Link)

Monday, October 02, 2006

Men made mark of vengeance on the forehead of a prisoner

Anthony Ray Stockelman, who was sentenced for life, got a hate tattoo on his forehead by his fellow inmates. The wording “KATIE’S REVENGE” serves as a forever reminder for such a crime. Two guards were fired after the photo leaks out to the public.

Talkcock suggestion offered by whatever Singapore agencies

I watch Singapore Chinese news yesterday, it said among the 300 hundreds over cases of HIV, 61% was married couples, more accurately, the wives.

The whatever HIV helping agencies also said that most married couples in Singapore are not aware and never take precautions.

Take what precaution huh?

Like every time wears a condom, during want to have baby time don’t wear is it? Wow! Like that Singapore men must be sharp shooter oredi! Every shoot also can hit the right spot one. Some more you can tell the virus, wei! I want to have baby, you better don’t infect my wife and baby, ok?

If like that can work, I chop!

I like green tea too

Recently I got to know this nice lady from Shanghai. She is nice not only because she is beautiful, but of her high regards to Singapore men, she believes that most Singapore men are friendly and courteous. If you are free, go to her blog and leave a comment there, just say you are Singaporean and she would response. She is pretty good in English too.

But hor! Remember, she is married and very devoted to her hubby one hor.