Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Singapore identity

This is my favorite topic. If I dare say, this is the single most important thing as a die hard Singaporean. It would be sad if I am wrong.

There are people who fear the wave of incoming foreign talents, I am no exception. There are also people who will not think twice about leaving here for a greener pasture, I know many of them.

Just who is a real Singaporean, a patriot and a person who truly would stand firm even Singapore was to sink?

Our cabinet minister?

I am a small fry, maybe consider insignificance to the nation, but I do have a question, if they set policy to allow foreign talents come and create competition, making many of us lose our rice bowl, will they also allow foreign talents come and run “their” country? That is, taking their rice bowl away?

Why not? I mean we are talking about great pay, if it is about wealth, I believe anyone in the world can train to be a great country administrator, and to love the nation. (Link)

Think I am talking cock?

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