Saturday, March 11, 2006


Is that time of the month again.
Where we have to think of a white lie to convince him that we do this for his own good, as his hair gets untidy and smelly, you know childern sweat a lot, in fact, they sweat so much that you sometimes become afraid that they might collapse out of dehydration.

The innocent look works pretty well on Mummy, where her heart melt from his plead:

"Mummy, no cut cut! No!"

As Papa look onto his face and affirm him that this is merely a trip to barber, there will be no pain and no blood. He is obviously not convinced.

Dictatedship would not work here either, all sort of goodies was promise just for the that ought to be make right choices, it is by right his choice to determine what is really good for him.

(You treat me like small kid) So he demand more, and take everything for granted, but refused to comply.

So I have to tell him I love him, and promise that we will go through this together till the very end, but I must have betray by feeling, for on the way he give me a deep look, and I was quite, unable to find a word that I am genuine, and, sincere.

We sit through the whole session together, with me hold his hand and looking into his eyes all along, making sure that he has no fear, no doubt.

Ah! this is a very important event in our life, that we must make careful consideration, making the right choice, afterall, it is a hair cut, once it is cut it will take a long time to grow back.

Sunbath Day: Shadow of Guilt

Morning pre holyday no mood symptom
No swimming, but the sun is still bright.
Afternoon High Tech playground, with Doc Oak.

Friday, March 10, 2006

World first home anti-spam cube

First to be created and seen on the WWW
Support almost all mail provider, virtually.
(Link) to Spam Cube.

Futuristic Samurai outfits

As I see this in the whats new section of Popular Science, again, I suddenly....
have a strong desire to send my two chaos maker at home to the top Ninja school in Japan, so that they can fit in this hig tech, cool looking cap and shoe build for 2 purposes - to make you look like a silly level 99 Dark Elf Assassin in real life and, so at least you spend your $$$ for some seemingly un-purposeful gadget and still feel worth it just by looking at it.

The Shoe - from Mion, is design for amphibious athletes.

The Cap - from d3o, is specially make for Neo... I mean sportsman.


The Great Dragon! Ancient Serpent! Since Emperor Qing, never change, never asleep.
Don't pray pray ok! pray also no use! (Link)
Whos next?

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Cool Jeep lamp remind me to watch StarTrek TNG again

This particular high tech and beautiful Jeep lamp remind me of a gadget in my favourite TV series, which Singapore media did not get to boardcast all episode.

What a pity! but I have the full 7 season and intend to watch it again, and again.

What device you ask? Go and watch yourself.

Prehistoric arachnoids uncovered with blood intact

If you think a spider that lives 30 million years ago look like this, you are lrong liao!
University of Manchester, School of Earth is currently studying on this critter's fossil along with the 2 drops of blood intact, which they may use it to develop super Human terror - The Spider Marine, I am kidding!

What truth is, somewhere from the sources, it is stated that year 2005 has it the most new species discovered, almost 20'000 thus far, that is a lot, sort of like the number of blogger that emerge everyday, isn't it?

Full read - (Link) and the initial post (Link)

Related read:
New species vanishing due to temperature rises
Hero rise! hero falls! Species rise! species gone!

Star Wars "ATAT" like army robot prototype

This high tech robot carrier, surppose to act as a "mule" like transport for US arm forces.
It has a speed of 3 miles an hour, can climb a slope of 45 degree incline, operate efficiently even in rough terrain, and, a more powerful version will be ready to go into real battle in 8 years time.

(Link) to the full report from Popular Science, and don't miss the amazing video of BigDog
in action.

Is this going to change the face of how we fight warin the future? Will we be fighting military battle with just merely robot? Maybe the age of Star War like battle is nearer than we thought.

Most important, is this going to be of benefit to Humanity? Or just like what happen after Nobel invented the exposive?

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Extreme body alteration inspired by Star Trek TNG

Drawing some fancy pictures on your body was one thing, inserting some thingy under your skin to look "cool" was another.....
Shannon Larratt new type of "body art" came about after watching Star Trek TNG, in the show where diverse type of humanroid like Klingon, Ferengi who have different facial features, Laratt find that it is interesting and once artist Steve Haworth invented a way to implant "stuff" under Human, Laratt did not hesitate.

"To install them, the practitioner uses a scalpel to make a shallow incision to the subcutaneous layer of the skin, then wields a plastic surgery device called a dermal elevator to create a channel between the subcutis and the fascia. The elevator, which looks like a tiny spatula, clears enough room for the implant, but not enough room for it to move around."

Read more..... (Link)

This hippy ways of injuring your own body is more than just art, and once is done it cannot be undone.

Who wants to try?

Best funny pictures

A series of surpposingly amusing photo at your own discretion.
(Link) NSFW
It is not all so interesting now, but it is growing!

Da Gadget of the next Decades

By the look of the Microsoft Origami Project, it could well become the coolest gadget you ever own for the next 10 years or so, replacing the Palmtop and Laptop you already had.
This is Microsoft Origami, not my Origami hor!
The video on the web now show very promising features of the gadget, we all sure hope that Microsoft can live up to our expectation.

The Video: (Link)

3 new species of Lemurs in Madagascar forest

Last year August, Researchers discover a new Species of Mouse Lemurs
This year, in fact few only few days or weeks ago, I am not sure either, a group a European Researchers discovered and identified 3 new speices of Lemurs in Madagascar.

Lemurs are mainly native to that land which, one dicovery of new species lemurs follow by another is possible in that land, I believe we can expect more in the next few months to come.

I also think that the group of Researcher plays an important role, they seem like more agressive and focus in their finding.

Un-related Singapore news Raed:
Ciba building Asia's largest antioxidant plant in Singapore
A few thousand jobs, maybe? We are looking at. This is sure to slient many Singapore critics

First mozzie that was created to resist dengue virus

News from RxPG: Genetically engineered mosquitoes show resistance to dengue fever virus
This is surely a piece of good news:

"According to James, the next step of this research will be to use the FNIH grant to explore population replacement strategies using the genetically modified mosquitoes. He stressed that no genetically altered mosquitoes will be released at any time during these studies."

Now, the dengue fever virus has been around for century, been infecting millions of people worldwide each year, the fatal rate is high and both developed and third world nation are also trouble by it.

This Scientific breakthrough do bring a lot of hope for future Humanity.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Travel blog raed

Many of my friends has told me how great an experience was when tour in Japan, expecially the Warner's Brother World.
I am not so fortunate, never got a chance to be there.
I just wish one day I could make my children dreams come true by bringing them there.

Meanwhile, this afternoon I raed up this blog by Taiwanese girl - 菁菁!喵喵!趴趴走!!!

Her Tavel blog to Japan give me some insight regarding Japan, Blogging is sure one of greatest ideas Human ever had, where we can share our experience and all.......

Side note raed:
Blogging Tips from GOP Conference

See also - 2 pieces of "none of my freekin concern" Singapore news:
PAD tells Singapore to exit deal or face boycott
THAI PRESS: Protesters Rally At Singapore Embassy

But hor, it is good to know.

Improve your appetite with the hippo

Remember them? they are now available on YouTube.
Tune down your volume, I know you enjoy this very much, so do I. Whenever I feel like smashing somethings, I think of the hippo, this is my day.

(Link) Anyone who has the full version please kindly email me, thanks hor!

Related "good" video on my blog:
Korea hardcore "XXX" TV commercial for musing
Amazing sand animation performance by Ferenc Cakó

Watch discovery channel with TVKoo

Everybirdy loves discovery channel, at least I do, but signing up with the cable is another expenses that we family man have to be concern with.
I also know that there is a device which can hack the frequency and share the channel among multiple family, in fact, some of my friends offer me the suggestion, which off course, I refused. Not that I am very noble but I just don't think this is morally right to do.

TVKoo is a Hong Kong Web TV provider that uses P2P Technology to give the public the channel that you always wanted to watch but was too "lazy""poor" to own a subscription, which means the more people is watching, the smoother will be the streaming, I think this will be the future trends of TV program, it is, IMHO inevitable.

I am trying to make it work now, if I do, I'll post the update here.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Amazing sand animation performance by Ferenc Cakó

Google video is hosting this piece of amazing sand animation - Genesis or The Creation, perform by Ferenc Cakó.
Watching the video itself is breath taking, I certainly could imagine those people that are at live performance itself, it could well be a spiritual experience. This video was taken at 2003, during the closing ceremony of Seoul Sicaf

Awesome video performance! ( Link)

Gruesome: series of pic show a woman killing a cat with her high heel shoe

If you had just finish your meal, please do not click on the link.
pregnant women are also advise to navigate away from this post, you have been warn.

This Link will lead to a series of pictures, which you will witness a woman killing a cat with her beautiful high heel shoe.

Brutally, and continuously crush with the tip of the high heel shoe, this little kitten wouldn't stand any chance of surviving, or is it dead from the beginning? I cannot tell that whether this place is in Singaporeor not, but even in the west, such kind of cold blooded animal killiing, especially a kitten should be treated as a civil crime offence.

This is inhumane!

The flame of the forum carry on here, and they have identify the culprit, true or not, up to you.

Alternative TV program via PPlive

Singapore TV program really sucks? no money to subscribe cable TV?
Or waiting for Singapore gahmen to approve Satellite TV? (wait long long ok! not even with election coming)

Why don't make an afford to visit PPlive and make it work, they claim to be the most powerful TV player on the net (which I am trying to)

Leave all the copyrights issue to the big boys, we are just lay man, we will enjoy whatever is available and convenience for us, right or not?

Remember how our Mum and Dad use to tell us how bad computer games was?
Now, I envy your blessing, for you can rebuke them now.
Allowing computer games in class leads to award.
Computer games prepare children for future.

Take heart hor! Papa and Mummy!

High Tech playground

So, I heard, the IT show will be here again, Suntec city, 9-12 March.
I shall go down, with my half-Elf chaos maker, and, my Demi-god monkey king would be unleashed into their playground, I am sure they would be please and I shall have a more peaceful night.

The organizer will think twice before he come here again next year.
Next year, the organizer will surely think twice about coming here again.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Motorcyclists bone up blog

I am not a motor cycle fever fans myself, in fact, I think that this kind of sport is very dangerous and should not be attempt by people of all ages, but there are many who like it, to my surprise.
I also have a fact collection of my own, 8 out 10 cyclists I know never get past the age of 25, they either die or have an accident and quit cycling since, now the only exception was when someone start the hobby at a relatively 'mature' age, like 28 or older, than they will be not so prone to accident. This is not a curse, but a fact that I know.

Link to Motor Cycle lover's blog and, enjoy reading, drive carefully.

The Inter-Faith of Singapore

I am sure many of Singaporean already know this,
But lostin, once again as ignorance as before, has only found this out this morning, with this piece of news, I now know that there is a organization in Singapore which claim to be tolerance, can embrace all religion, or they so call to be.

It would be interesting to pay them a visit sometimes.