Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Watch discovery channel with TVKoo

Everybirdy loves discovery channel, at least I do, but signing up with the cable is another expenses that we family man have to be concern with.
I also know that there is a device which can hack the frequency and share the channel among multiple family, in fact, some of my friends offer me the suggestion, which off course, I refused. Not that I am very noble but I just don't think this is morally right to do.

TVKoo is a Hong Kong Web TV provider that uses P2P Technology to give the public the channel that you always wanted to watch but was too "lazy""poor" to own a subscription, which means the more people is watching, the smoother will be the streaming, I think this will be the future trends of TV program, it is, IMHO inevitable.

I am trying to make it work now, if I do, I'll post the update here.

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