Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Gruesome: series of pic show a woman killing a cat with her high heel shoe

If you had just finish your meal, please do not click on the link.
pregnant women are also advise to navigate away from this post, you have been warn.

This Link will lead to a series of pictures, which you will witness a woman killing a cat with her beautiful high heel shoe.

Brutally, and continuously crush with the tip of the high heel shoe, this little kitten wouldn't stand any chance of surviving, or is it dead from the beginning? I cannot tell that whether this place is in Singaporeor not, but even in the west, such kind of cold blooded animal killiing, especially a kitten should be treated as a civil crime offence.

This is inhumane!

The flame of the forum carry on here, and they have identify the culprit, true or not, up to you.

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What The Fuck