Saturday, January 21, 2006

Sunbath Day - misty sky blur sun

The sun is playing punk with us lately
Sometimes show his face, sometimes don't, su-ka su-ka than come out.

Friday, January 20, 2006

I am a just a networking green bird

All the DNS server, WINS server, IP address and what domain parking!
Don't try to explain to me all this @*%#, please visit there, come and tell me how am I going to change my DNS to point to you if I am not the "Accounts Manager"!

Maybe you thought that my name is Neo!

The Dormitory Boys at blogspot

Remembered I have blog about the backyard boy last year July?
Now they are back, on blogspot, their own The Dormitory Boys.
They are hilarious, I am going to watch them all over again.

Make your own lunch date entertainment with them.

My 3rd date with the terror of Singapore traffic

Yesterday evening my colleague dare me with his 125cc 2 wheel's 人包铁, so I did.
It took us 15 plus minutes from Tampines to Junction 8, which is faster than I expected, why do you need a bigger CC car if you cannot beat the traffic, huh?

On the ever slow traffic of the highway, I experience how he beat the turtle conjestion by swooping in between the buses, cut the corner and sometimes, a car would shave pass my knee about a few inches away.

Mu thought cannot stay still, and my feet begin to feel a funny sensation underneath, my conscious became heighten and I remember a few thing very clearly:

1. I do love my family very very much
2. The telephone number of Sharon...... my insurance agent
3. I haven't really finish Civilisation IV
4. I am no longer young for this kind of adventure

After that I stop at the nearby S11 coffee shop to get their superb home made ice lemon tea to 压惊压惊.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

The endless pain of human kind

If there is an re-incarnation in human, I would like to be reborn as this.
In this way I can terrorise human kind, live my dream travelling around the world and live with(in) people of different skin colour.

Instead of a economical dark age you will have me, Unseen, fear and carry by the multitude.

I am immortal.

I have no stress but I must smoke

The smoking area in Singapore is getting smaller and smaller, count down to this year July all coffee shop will implement no smoking, will or not?
You cannot believe what kind of things people will do just to get a puff, maybe our gahmen can consider convert the free speech corner into free smoker corner, afterall, that corner, is hardly, and not darlingly use by anyone, a waste of such a beautiful garden.

But don't be despair, there is always 77 ways that you can do it secretly, just remember, if you want to smoke in front of me, offer me one, it is better this way.

Computer game are useless so you said

Via TechDirt - stop crime by getting kids to play more computer.
I agree or not, not applicable in Singapore lah! Singaporean so kuai! the crime rate here so low, must absolutely ban so not so good things from coming in one!

You import those violent violent type one like Vampire the Masquerade - Bloodlines, if not wait those younger generation kena affected and start sucking people blood, thinking that they can be immortal, than how?

We already have enough blood sucker around in Singapore leh! Please don't play this game hor!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Welcome to go to any forbidden site

This is a piece of old news.
lostin page and site are not of any particular threat to any human, so it is highly unlikely that any NGO, GO, PO or home user would block you from coming here.

But just incase they do, have you heard of the Google free proxy news?

Just type this - (Url of the block site)
into your browser, and it work like an international invisible passport, you will be able to go any site you want, including the one your Mum don't want you to see.

Use at your own risk hor! your IP is still track-a-ble.

Propaganda can drink

I know how serious this is, but this is meant to be a joke
JJ banana milk drink with a perculiar picture resembling him.
But with the smiling face to make the world a better place to live in, the drink taste great, especially when is hot.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

DIY home: My 2nd peak hour

Most of man's usual busy hour are not so much different.
9am to 5pm lah for typical office man, the not so efficient guys will stay until maybe 7pm, workoholic will stay till like, 9pm, and last but not least those who work till midnite, God bless you, for you, life don't exist outside of work.

lostin has another office hour to catch, that is, home.

Lightbulb big and small: SGD 18
Starter and connector: SGD 4
Newspaper: (yesterday news) nothing
Technical man: me(1 cooked dinner)
Oursource: Raynor(for just holding the light while Papa fix the lamp)Priceless!

that's it for 2 hour, like a normal family man would agree, my 2nd office hour begin at night

Who would take anything from the gabbage bin?

Who would? frankly say, even if you spotted something that is still useful here. Thats why the rubbish picker is always regards as the lowest of all professional, but some secretly make million of dollars around the world, like one of the re-cycle company here...
They make millions, if not not billion per month by picking up what people discard, and help to 'protect' the Earth at the same time, great work huh!!?

Anywhere, side track a bit, there is an online war going on in Singapore here, too confusing, as I always said, you can't really tell someone heart by the online things.

Why don't bring it offline? like having some kind of public reporter meeting(记者招待会)to calrify all this, with a middle man offcourse.

Human are not inclined to use keyboard

I have tested hundred of them, and I never got to go through any formal training or any online practice.
My typing speed is about 35 wpm, I usually uses my thumb and my index finger, once in a while, I may also use my 无名指 and last finger.

After all this year of typing and clicking, I have become a natural user of keyboard, and I have to make myself believe that keyboard is one of the greatest invention, although my English is still at the elemantary stage.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Night of nowhere

What are you doing here in the middle of nowhere?
Where reality and virtual reality crash, if human should live a life without internet, is it really impossible?

Lostin has lives 3 days without the use of this virtual insanity space, and, it sucks.

worst than without TV.