Thursday, January 19, 2006

Computer game are useless so you said

Via TechDirt - stop crime by getting kids to play more computer.
I agree or not, not applicable in Singapore lah! Singaporean so kuai! the crime rate here so low, must absolutely ban so not so good things from coming in one!

You import those violent violent type one like Vampire the Masquerade - Bloodlines, if not wait those younger generation kena affected and start sucking people blood, thinking that they can be immortal, than how?

We already have enough blood sucker around in Singapore leh! Please don't play this game hor!


Pencil said...

Hi, how are you doing?

I just added you to linked list, if you don't mind?

TZ said...

thanks! my engrish quite broken, if you don't mind, lol!

Pencil said...


Paiseh, don't get you previous message on my blog. You mean you want the link to read "nan yang zi zi" is it?

Sure not a problem. Heheh but I don't know how to input Chinese character in the blog. :p

Oh if you want to link to mine, can use the summerraindrops one. :)
Thanks, I'm honoured too.

Btw, paiseh, I didn't follow up with your previous messages that you had sent to me before. Really busy with work. Can email me to chat too. Heheh, my email on my blog. What's yours?