Tuesday, January 17, 2006

DIY home: My 2nd peak hour

Most of man's usual busy hour are not so much different.
9am to 5pm lah for typical office man, the not so efficient guys will stay until maybe 7pm, workoholic will stay till like, 9pm, and last but not least those who work till midnite, God bless you, for you, life don't exist outside of work.

lostin has another office hour to catch, that is, home.

Lightbulb big and small: SGD 18
Starter and connector: SGD 4
Newspaper: (yesterday news) nothing
Technical man: me(1 cooked dinner)
Oursource: Raynor(for just holding the light while Papa fix the lamp)Priceless!

that's it for 2 hour, like a normal family man would agree, my 2nd office hour begin at night

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