Friday, September 17, 2010

Yes, this is what evolution is

Evolution: When you lay egg, you are a lower sentient. Higher being give birth to young live. As well as walked on 2 legs.

Article, Reptile evolves, now more than 20% of them give birth to live young.

Maybe God is trying to create another being to replace Human. We are hopeless.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Excellent Manadagrams for Understanding Chinese Words

I stumble upon this site today and think that many Papa Mama in Singapore would love this.

Although I am not Singapore's 10-thousand-hit-per-blogger, I very much would like to recommend it to those parent who want to teach their child Chinese in an creative manner, or struggle to find way to teach Chinese.

On the left is the example, here is the link. I did some googleing and found a Chinese site too, here.

Please help to spread this around if you love Chinese as much as I do.

I wish they can come out more of these aid, they are good.