Saturday, June 11, 2005

Revolution in Singapore

I have been eating indomi mi-goreng for quite some time now, it is one of singapore best self cook dry noodle, fast and yamyam! but maybe is time for me to try new noodle now, I am very imjim in food you know, got to to choose carefully.

One wrong move and we're doom for few years, so got to cast your vote real careful, this is how I regard food also, don't pray prey, no use.

I sure hope I didn't join the wrong gang.

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Visited this web site, dunno what they talking, blow me out!

World Domination!

I sit there quietly and think about how I can educate my boy about 'strategy', he is going join SAF someday ma! this cannot escape one! unless I go change my surname or buy a horse you know.

Meantime we have finish tearing down the 600 pieces of plastic miniature army, he is excited and keep papa but ask why so troublesome one? This is going to take time, imagine all the structure are in place, all men are well settle and hold key role in every places, they are rich going to be richer, and with the undead forces they have....., oh hold on! think I'm going wild.

Anyway behind the box is like "SAVE THE WORLD...OR JUST CONQUER IT." I think if I have the money, conquer it would be easilier. But this have to wait, I only have European map, wait til I get the asia one, then we talk.

I have been looking forward for this a long time orredy.

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PS: Anyone care to join for a game? but bery layceh one leh.

Friday, June 10, 2005

A coin worth of thought

I have started this plan for some time, although it is still very little, but given time it will glow into something. Sign....! there is no job security here now, who know one day you may see me in geylang bauguu and bend down, please don't greet me if you do.

Although this is but a S$0.20, but hei! unlike CPF, you put this in you pocket and you can feel the weight, in your hand and feel the shape, it's cold hard cash.

But than again, somehow you will felt that it get smaller and smaller spirtually each year, sort of the same feeling you have for the paper you get from whatever school you attended. Like I have warn my boy, you either be the biggest player or don't play.

so much so for the conspiracy, I am just the minority group here, no match for the conspirator.

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I have a plan, if I could save about S$2 each day, that by the time this decade end, I should have a thousand over dollars. Say I can buy my dad, my mum, my brothers, my sisters and my family a ticket to the intergrated resort, give our best and hopefully our last shot.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Lighthouse in Woodland

Everytime I pass by this place, I have this strange feeling, nah! is just my stupid thought, but it sure look good @ nite.

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Sorry for the poor image, but this is not my picture anyway.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Space is Lost!

In view that SG do not have a church, i recon that this is what i can do, starting blogging, hope it will last and expand.

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Openness in MRT

I was standing in the MRT on the way home, damn crowded man! A young man and lady sit in front of me, they are in teens, I think.

After a while they start to whisper to each other, 'adam' hands start moving around 'eve', I was, wa piang this is like RA show with live audience. I nearly lost control, begin to search my pocket handfone cum camera.

But I did not do it, fear for kenna humtum. Now moral courage is something that you don't get it overnite, despite of all the opposition and persecution, you have to do it many..many times before you are good at it, become your nature.

I still regret, I should have taken the photo, for education purpose.

No photo here