Saturday, June 11, 2005

World Domination!

I sit there quietly and think about how I can educate my boy about 'strategy', he is going join SAF someday ma! this cannot escape one! unless I go change my surname or buy a horse you know.

Meantime we have finish tearing down the 600 pieces of plastic miniature army, he is excited and keep papa but ask why so troublesome one? This is going to take time, imagine all the structure are in place, all men are well settle and hold key role in every places, they are rich going to be richer, and with the undead forces they have....., oh hold on! think I'm going wild.

Anyway behind the box is like "SAVE THE WORLD...OR JUST CONQUER IT." I think if I have the money, conquer it would be easilier. But this have to wait, I only have European map, wait til I get the asia one, then we talk.

I have been looking forward for this a long time orredy.

Attack! Posted by Hello

PS: Anyone care to join for a game? but bery layceh one leh.


Sheepish said...

Looks interesting, machiam like Risk. What is it?

p.s: yeah, mrbrown is an inspiration to alot of Singaporean bloggers.

TZ said...

you r right it is like risk, but much more interesting.

check out eaglegame