Friday, February 02, 2007

Internet ΟΔΥΣΣΕΙΑ 6

An IM program base on P2P concept, very fast file transfer

Profane Game
How well can you curse?

VirtualDub pick
Capture video on desktop

Sound 101
Vote for the worst sound in the World

MediaPortal 0.2.1
Turn your PC into a multimedia centre

3D X-Ray scanning inside your body(Video)
I bet you never see this before

Trend Micro System Cleaner V.02 Nov
Back dated softeware, but still a powerful anti virus program

Scientist teases your brain clock
Interesting Science read

Screen Record Pro V6
Record everything on you PC screen and make it into movie

Free RAM Optimizer XP
One button frees your RAM, watch out!

You have no religion belief, Are you sure?

2xExplorer R7xZ1 (Chinese)
Something like your desktop explorer

3D Canvas
Free 3D tool

China farmer who can control blood flow at will

Blood man农永光 is a farmer from GuangXi, Scientists and doctors discovered that he can control own blood flow. For example, he meditated and splits blood from his blood, he sucks on any part of own unwounded skin and fill mouth with blood, and he feel fine performing this entire task. He developed the ability at 8 after his father taught him to master own anima. (气功)

Science report Cods are bigger 30 years ago

Cod FishAccording to a recently science research, Cod fishes are generally smaller than their ancestor decades ago, quotes from Science Now,

“The average size of young adult cod has decreased by about 20% in the last 3 decades. Lab experiments have shown that harvesting mainly large fish will cause average size to shrink. But in the wild, other factors can also influence size, such as temperature and population density.”

Scientists believe this might have cause by Human over fishing. (Link)

Scary Ukrainian students prank

Head in PotThere was never a prank I found actually make your heart jump out, except maybe this one. Imagine you went to the kitchen at midnight alone, and you open up the pot…. (Video) via EnglishRussia.

Top 6 PC gamers of the World

Lim Yo-HwanPC Gamer revealed da 6 gods PC gaming world; photo you see here is Korea “Emperor of Terran”, unbeatable when he plays as Terran on Starcraft

1. Slayer Boxer, real name Lim(Im) Yo-Hwan, the only player who won two times World Cyber Gaming championship in Starcraft matches, he has 500 career wins, a fan club of six hundred thousands members dedicated for him. (Link) to his Wikipedia entry, (Link) to his Fan Site.

2. FATAL1TY, real name Johnathan Wendel, eleven times championship in five PC games, he plays Quake 3, 4, Painkiller, Doom 3 and many other FPS, he is 24 years of age and earns a six figures income just by gameing. (Link) to his Wikipedia entry and (Link) to his blog site.

3. WM E Jang, real name Ki Nam Lee, he leads his Guild “War Machine” and won over 100 times in Guild War.

4. -=RD=- VOLX, A mysterious player who tops death match in Battlefield 2. His hit score was usually 20 thousands more than the nearest competitor; apparently killed more than 150 thousands people online, 57 thousands with hand grenades and 46 thousand s with explosives. He would be wanted for crime against Humanity in real life.

5. NEO_O, real name Filip Kubsi, plays Counter Strike; he leads his team Pentagram G-Shock and won London World series of video games, beats NiP which was unbeatable before.

6. ISTVAAN SHOGAATSU, Plays Eve Online, he stole 20 billion interstellar credits which worth 10 thousand dollars if sold in real world, a real money minded super villain in the online world. The man says, The most effective pawn is that which does not know he stands on a chessboard”.

(Source) PCGamer

Live Sports channel on the web

If you have been following my blog for sometime, you remembered last year March I blog about live TV program on the Internet. The posts are here and here, some friends of mine actually enjoy soccer programs. There is a slight change lately though, PPLive no longer offers football live, might due to some copyright thingy, those big boys block them.

Fear not, on Internet, you always find a way, check out this free internet TV services, I heard it is better than TVkoo and PPLive.

(Link) Sopcast, they also offer P2P video sharing. (Another watch for RIAA)

Picture of the World longest beach

Cox's Bazaar
The World longest beach is in Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazaar spans 120km and attracts hundred of thousand visitors each year. Because of the nation’s conservative nature, the beach is very clean, meaning you will not see naked sun bather or beach goer there. (Link) It is a good place to invest a resort.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Rafi Yoeli’s X-Hawk

Wonders looking hovering car under development of Israel Engineering team, they dream of one day the craft can pack same capability of helicopter, without the short coming of it. Now the vehicle can lift three feet off the ground and Rafi hopes that by 2010 a working prototype can be make. (Link) to the development site and (Link) to the news

RPG T-shirt

RPG T-shirtThinkGeek again launches a series of wacky and geeky stuffs to spice my life up, this one is my favorite, it reminds me of the first RPG game I play on Sega. (Link)

Huge arena builds entirely with Lego

Lego ArenaThis thrilling indoor stadium builds with Lego blocks just makes you want to play God; I mean smash them into pieces and snickers, MUHAHAHA! (Link) the night's view looks especially nice.

Profile of a China master thief

China Master ThiefChina FuJian (莆田) “小军” was a master thief in that region, some of his past glory,

- He opened a safe and stole thousands when he was 10, with just a chewing gum
- He unlock car with just his ID card, within a month he did tens of them
- He steals car in 10 seconds and motorcycle in 20
- Inspired by Hong Kong thief’s movie, he seek and learned all thievery skills within half a year
- He only required 4~5 minutes to open the most complex lock

“小军” just serves his five years jail term and repented for what he has done. Decided to turn over a new leaf, his mastery skills would soon be lost.

Take a peek at Tomoshiro Tachi’s origami gallery

Origami EnterpriseNow, I can build a really cheap starship and explore the galaxy. (Link)

One hundred alternative search engines

Read/Write Web
If for some reason you dislike Google, Read/Write Web offers some, er.. many alternative web search services that you can use, from Webaroo to YuFind to ZapMeta, and many others that you never even heard before, hundreds of them. (Link)

Wednesday, January 31, 2007 historic transition

Click to enlarge
By the time someone read this, the Meta Blog for Singapore Blogger has almost defaced, *ahem* revamp and embark to Version 1.0. is one the Meta site with very active community I come across in Singapore thus far, it will grow, and many would be attracted to contribute because of its liberal stance. I hope it wouldn’t change.

This screen shot would be the last you see before it grows of out of Beta.

Congratulation!, May Zeus smile on you.


Malaysia blames Singapore for recent Kota Tinggi’s flood

Kota Tinggi's FloodI don’t know jack about environment stuff. Singapore land reclamation work maybe causing some environmental concern, but it is ridicules to say such works are the main cause of natural disaster, might as well said Singapore is responsible for global warming. (Link)

Got no one else to blame already is it?

Any expert on this matter?

Update: Crankshaft from Malaysia agree and says,
"Well, now the land reclaimation is becoming the official excuse for the flood. Blame Singapore!" his post on the matter

Vintage Batman Tortilla chips inspired by the 1st movie

Bat Man chipsI so hate this guy, but he is the coolest person on earth, so eat it! (Link) via Bat-Blog

Stop complaining about your religion II

Kiddy ReligionThis six year old boy, probably under influence of his parent, slashes his own forehead with a big knife to honor their God. You can follow the link and see what religion is that, but don’t follow this example. (Link)

Previously on this site,
Stop complaining about your religion I

RIP, Siyney Sheldon, dramatist and script writer

Siyney SheldonHis famous novels include “The Sky is Falling” (2001) and “The Other Side of Me” (2005). (Link) to his Wikipedia profile.

Professor Chow Chinese scientific blog

曹宏威Professor Chow’s (曹宏威) blog packs three hundred thousand hits since 2002. He criticizes on anything that is not scientific, and answers any question, even naughty one, with humor and all he can. I especially like his comment on Falun, hmm… righteous to the bone, none of those Journalist neutralism craps and all. (Link)

He is the most famous Science Blogger in Hong Kong now.

His blog is mostly written in Chinese, and about Chinese culture, if you like to read Chinese stuffs, go and enjoy his company.

Woman quadruply amputated after birth, hospital refuses to explain

Claudia MejiaOrlando Regional Healthcare Systems removed Claudia Mejia’s two legs and two arms after she gave birth to her second child. They told her there is a complication of streptococcus but no further explanation was given, from the hospital, Claudia and family will have to sue them to get an answer. (Link)

Full Gundam costume

Gundam CostumeAlthough Gundam is a dying comic culture in Asia, this costume requires no explanation. It is just plain beautiful. Click the link to view more photos. (Link)

Coca Cola Singapore site kena hack

Hacked Coca Cola Site
There is no official news yet, but I heard that their news portal was defaced and hacker's signature was stiil on their Server. This is a screen shot from their site, which sometime was not accessable.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Microsoft Word refuses to be profane

Followed by a post I’ve read today, I try to do some experiment on Word. I type in the following words and MS Word just refuses to suggest a correct spelling. As if an inner conscience is telling them, hey, I don’t think you want to @#$% them, damn! Microsoft Word is good at protecting our future generation, I tell ya!

Dlido, fuct you, asshoe, kum, damm you, every mildly educated being would know what I am trying spell.

My profane vocabulary is limited, or else I can come up with more.

Details and history of flying bomb

Nazi V1Page packs amazing information of Nazi V1 flying bomb, worthy to be on any encyclopedia anytime. The info might only be useful to military people, but also very interesting to ex-military like me. I remembered seeing something very similar in RSAF open house. (Link)

The historical photos there was also like none you every seen. There is even a assembly instruction on the site.

Youtube: Popular animation

Animation fights backThis part II of animation fights back is better the last one, with full color and special effect all over the place. How good if we can fight back our bad ass authority the same way it did. (Video)

Outrageous fart fart game

Fart GameThis Korea game from Bizarre Game via Digg was hilarious! I snicker and cover my nose while playing. Hey! You cannot help it! Don’t do it in the real world. (Game)

Singapore considers restricts liquid on flight out

This is a news I got from here, which is not an official announcement by our gahmen in anyway. Once it is implemented, it is not only a little inconvenience that we are talking about. Should we compromise another bit of liberty for security this time?

Update: Azrin from Geek's Corner,
"You should know they have more kiasu things up their sleeves, and with my typo the other day... about the 10% GST. Heard it from deep inside. Mati Liao! "

Hollow bookshelf

Invisible bookshelf9 steps instructions on how to build this invisible book holder. When I see those books floating in the air, I can’t help but wanting to build one for my kids, they have tons of books, finding a suitable and kiddy book shelf for them can be a chore. (Link)

Monday, January 29, 2007

Site of extreme body art

Make over NoseBMEZINE is a site with thousand of extreme body art pictures, some look so extreme that I consider it self torture, or deface. They also have a blog which update daily. I am almost very curious about their state of mind. (Link)

Japan frivolous watches

Japan frivolous watchesTokyo Flash present a series of watches that makes me wanted to be 18 years old again. I like this and this and this and this, but they are all out of stock. If you are kind enough, you can get me this, this and this. (Link)

China CCTV banned all images of pig

Pig Head moveSpokesman of the said TV claims this move was to avoid provoking other ethnic groups, especially the Muslim. Food giant Nestle was force to scrap their promotion event for the coming Chinese New Year. China starts to concern how minor religious group felt? (Link) More like there are some hidden agenda.

Ford Motor’s explicit sex drive and AFA

Scene from DirtOne 16th Jan, a scene of “Dirt” stirs many America pro family people and organization further, as Ford Motor has previously sponsored many such program and shows no sign of backing down. AFA has started a site to counter Ford. To your own discretion, go to Youtube and watch the said scene. (Link) SFW but may consider disturbing for many straight people.

Quotes from the video,
"Every since I met you, I've been thinking the same thing."

Amazon Encyclopedia Beta

Search, tag and share opinion on you favorite product. (Link) via LifeHacker

Students vandalize campus, school says ok

Campus VandalismChina high school (海口) students celebrated last day of their examination by dumping unwanted stuffs out of window, which include table lamp, broom and school uniform! From the photo you can see the result of this wild party. What a splendid gathering! (Link)

School says, no big deal. What a liberal school!

Patients too “hot” set off radioactive alarm

X-RadioactiveMore and more false radioactive alarm was set off in US due to the sensitivity of the radioactive censor. Apparently many patients in US undergo treatment that leaves a small amount of radioisotopes in their body, that small amount is enough to trigger any handheld radioactive scanner. Quotes from Reuter,

"Nearly 60,000 people a day in the United States undergo treatment or tests that leave tiny amounts of radioactive material in their bodies, according to the Society of Nuclear Medicine. It is not enough to hurt them or anyone else, but it is enough to trigger radiation alarms for up to three months. "

(Link) Although US medical people claims that those radioisotopes is too little to cause any serious harm to the patient and environment, but just thinking about the amount of x material present around us is a bit scary.

Porn and pancakes in New York

Porn and PancakesXXX Church hosted a breakfast discussion on the effect of porn industry on Church state, one in 2nd Dec, and the second one will be in 11th Feb. At first I thought it was a real porn event just by reading the headline, guess you really cannot judge the books by its cover. (Link)