Saturday, October 21, 2006

Friday, October 20, 2006

iMetrO tells you how to travel in Singapore

Although it is just text explanation, but the information is simple and right to the point. The person who create this, thanks hor! Very convenience leh! I customize the setting and put one at my Google hack blog. Go and use it before you leave from one place of Singapore to another. (Link)

20 years old Singapore ten dollars coin on yahoo auction

1986 ten dollar coinTen dollars coins from 1986 that well worth SGD20 now, collector may like to take a look because it is quite rare. (Link)

Side note about money: I heard rumors about counterfeit 10, 50 and 100 dollars note circulating in Singapore, but cannot find any sources to confirm the tales. Watch out!

Retiree found image of Virgin Mary on rock in backyard

Virgin Mary image on rockSomeone say, images like this always appear in secluded area, at the most unexpected moment. It is like what in the night that comes and steals everything from you while you are sound asleep. (Link)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

China woman blogger publicly request photos of man’s privates

海容天天海容天天, China famous nude blogger, goes to the www and request man to donate photos of their lower body plus the hardware, tumid posture one! She claims she is collecting it for research and exhibition purposes, says never has she sees lots of man’s part collection in one place. Sure! Any crazy men? (Link)

Camille Allen's life like miniature clay baby sculptures

Clay Babies sculpturesThe arts of Camille Allen are amazing! Most of them now, she claims, lie in private collection. The babies look so real that it may offence some pro life activist, but how can you take your eyes off, and stop investigating such awesome arts? So cute! (Link)

Sushi candles! they are on many blogs

Sushi CandlesYa, I know, cannot eat one, but at least you don’t have to kill one 20 pounded endanger tuna just to get a piece of raw meat. It is also cheaper, and burns longer. The site has a great range of candles to chosse from. (Link)

China two headed ambulance van build for convenience

Two headed ambulance vanThe back side is the head and the head is also the back side, so you don’t have to reverse the car when in hurry. The blogger have to bribes the China guards to take a few photos. (Link)

GIF image for testing how you handle stress

The patterns are used to test the level of stress a person can handle.

The slower the pictures move, the better your ability.

Alleged criminals that were tested, see them spinning around madly.

However, senior citizens and children see them not moving.

Actually, they are perfectly still.

How about you? (Link)

Human rights voices organize event to honor 3 activists

EventThe annual dinner for Justice will be hold in 7 Nov 2006, Toronto. The 3 Human Rights activist honored are,

Arnold Tsunga, chairman of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Association, and 2006 Martin Ennals Award winnder for Human Rights Defenders.

Mandira Sharma, Nepali lawyer and co-founder of Advocacy Forum.

Veronica Cruz, activist of women’s rights for abortion as rape victim in Mexico.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hundreds of Christian begin hunger strike against Belarus oppressive act

BelarusThe protest started on 6 Oct, form 17 New Life Church members, it has grown to 180 peoples now. It is not about the authority that banned and send bulldozer to destroy Church property anymore, it is about Religious freedom in the nation. The moves of those protestant from Minsk city is starting to draw international attention. (Link)

Belarus does have a clear regulation for registering Churches though, just that it is quite impossible to achieve. They do not have something like Internal Security Act, which can be use against any damn groups they dislike.

Islamic traditional practice under threat of removal in Tunisia

TunisiaTunisia authority recently launch a campaign to remove headscarves worn by traditional Islamic women to cover their hair, said it is to prevent Tunisian with undesirable political motive masquerading behind Religious faces. Constitutional or not, nation has always uses internal reason to prosecute and oppress Spiritual people. (Link)

Kitchen cabinets make to resemble coffin

coffin like kitchen cabinetNot only the kitchen cabinet, but everything there was builds to look like coffin. So, May all the stuffs that you put in rest in peace. (Link)

note: keep scrolling down, you can go forever

How to cool down your kids with computer fever

IT fever kidThis is what a computer nerds do when his child got fever, the computer way. Brilliant idea! Maybe I can start to make one for mine, Mummy, what do you think? (Link)

See, here goes the son of men

潘基文Elected United Nation Secretary General by Jan 2007, Ki Moon Ban (潘基文) sez,
“Look, I am in no way affiliated with the Rev Sun Myung Moon, I am also not connected to the Unification Movement at all. Didn’t you read my profile in Wikipedia? Stop asking me already!”

I am joking, you know off course. Whether he is or not, is none of my freekin business, and he should know this by his own conscience.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Public workshop for AIDS prevention setup for ‘public’ prostitute

China prostitutionWe all know that China, because of her population, has one the World’s largest hooker network. They are taking some action now. State of Harbin organizes a public seminar and urges those ladies to come and attend in public's view. However, hooking is still considered illegal in China, but they will not be arrested in this workshop, it is a different matter. (Link)

You can go for a side ride about China prostitution through the photo here, very eye opening info!

Japan Developed concrete that will last ten thousand years

10000 years concreteThe conventional concrete that we know usually last only 200 years or so, this new concrete, design and develop by Kajima Corp, will mixed a special kind of mineral and treated to withstand moisture and salt. So you can truly call the building “free hold”. (Link)

Monday, October 16, 2006

Rwandan woman won German Human Rights award

Eugenie MusayidireEugenie Musayidire, 53, who fights to end wars between Tutsi and Hutu people in Rawanda, has won a Nuremberg Human Rights award of 15000 euro dollars. The Nuremberg prize honors Rights fighter who stand up in spite of risking their life. (Link)

Wedding gown make of 1500 cream puffs

creamy puffs wedding gownMade by Valentyn Shtefano's pastries, the bride took 2 hours to put on and decorate the gown with creamy cakes. The wedding apparel weight 8.5 Kg and lasted only one day, delicious! (Link)

Suspended from work due to religion belief, airline employee plans to sue company

Nadia Eweida
Nadia Eweida, was suspended form work because she fails to conform to the uniform regular of the company. She was asked not to display the cross outside the uniform, which she declined. (Link)