Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sunbath Day - Son, Brother, Father

Father Brother SonWe went to this little play corner near our HDB, where we discovered each other's heart.

Tiny playground, eternal bondage of love.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Top 10 ugliest spam/chain internet letters, David Emery has posted the top ten. I'll try to round up, be Internet wise; don't fall for this entire hoax no more.

1) Breast Infestation
2) Celebrity Stomach Pump
3) Cockroach Egg Tacos
4) Doctor, There's a Worm in My Eye!
5) Please Hold the Mayo
6) Maggots on the Brain
7) McChickenhead
8) The Necrophiliac's Gift
9) Scrotum Self-Repair
10) A Tail of Two Toothbrushes

(Link) !Warning: Links in this post may contains gruesome images

Confused media confuses a lot of confused Singaporean

What huh? I don't understand leh!

Singapore got low fertility rate, citizens here don't like sex, and our gahmen is solution-less, yet... more people here kena HIV every year!!?

Seem like every Singaporean that has sexual intercourse with someone may kena sexually transmitted diseases or worst, AIDS.

There is no guaranteed clean sex here anymore.

Indon practitioner will welcome Bush with black magic

WitchBefore The President of America can set his foot on Indonesia, he has to deal with voodoo witches that hex him. That is one of the reasons why man that holds key role usually meet with some mishaps, or their descendants…. (Link)

Off course, I am not referring to anyone here.

Scientists developed robot that recognizes self fault and adjust according

Self healing robotThe University of Vermont develops a four legged electronic starfish that can detect its own discrepancy and make proper adjustment to compensate for it. That trigger a question in me, will the robot finally seek out the source of its ‘damage’ if someone continuously inflicts harm on it? (Link)

We call it vengeance, attribute which only Human has.

HIV awareness ads illustrate on how you can actually get AIDS

HIV awareness posterThis poster is originated from Youth AIDS. I was fascinated by how the designers arrange the icons, you can't stop looking at them one by one, and last three row illustrations then cast an impression on your mind. Great ads! (Link) Click to have a larger view

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Deformed baby name Durga worshiped as deity by thousands in India

DurgaThousands flock to her knee, believing that she is the re-incarnation of the actual Durga. There is no picture available yet, once I have it, I’ll update here. (Link)

Giant sculptures of cans to remind us of world hunger

Castruction42 teams across America, 15000 cans were used. The canstruction will be open for public viewing till 22nd this month. All cans go to New York charities after the exhibition. (Link)

South Africa passes bill to legalize gay marriage

Same sex marriageWithin days, once confirm; South Africa becomes the fifth nation that embraces homosexual marriage, they defines it as "voluntary union of two people" by law. The formal 4 are Canada, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands. (Link)

Shop assistant repels knife wielding robber with an even bigger knife

Super shop assistantThis is a funny news from The Smoking Gun – You call that a knife? The conveniences stall security camera captured all in a clip, shows how this courageous lady scares off the thief with a more powerful weapon than his. (Video)

Geogreeting to Singapore from lostin

One describe all politicians
Via Lifehacker, I keep playing with this web application non-stop for 15 minutes. So much fun, I forgot that I am in the office. (Link)

Actually, the word also suits all politicians in the World.

Parents protest against airline that kicks off breastfeeding mother

Breastfeeding protest
About 30 parents sit in front of the counter and nurse their baby in silent protest against an incident that happened few days back. This reminds me of a similar case that happened in Singapore Esplanade some years ago. (Link)

Never mess with a mother, especially when she tries to protect her children.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Robot sentry to be deploy at 38 parallel by 2007

Robo SentryThe robot guard can recognize human and trees, comes equipped with 5.5mm caliber machine gun and night vision. It will warn trespassers before fire. (Video)

Octopus tripod hangs on anywhere

GorillapodVia LifeHacker, Cool Tools, this is a wonderful and nifty gadget for photographer, a must have for people who travel and take photos with their digital camera a lot. (Link)

Spamhaus’s project reveals World notorious spammers

Leo KuvayevSpamhaus identifies the top 10 worst spammers in the world today, the list of the 10 nations,

1. United States
2. China
3. Japan
4. Russia
5. Canada
6. South Korea
7. United Kingdom
8. Taiwan
9. Hong Kong
10. Netherlands

The photo you see here is Leo Kuvayev the BadCow who does most of the pirate CD spam.


Internet is surely an evil place! I tell’ya

While GSThike and Petition online have gather more than 1000 ‘no’ to the increment of GST right now, there are some comments from the famous people. Some of them,

Moses Lim says...
What the hell? I won't be able to afford to eat at nice restaurants anymore.

Taufik Batisah says...
I refuse to do any more National Day shows. Anyway 7-11 wouldn't give me the time off work, so I will be helping small kids reach the Big Gulp machine again next year.

Hady Mirza says...
Personally I am moving to Malaysia now.

Andy Lau says...
If Singapore becoming so expensive, how you expect us to sing here??? How are you going to improve your arts and entertainments sector?

Gurmit Singh says...
ahem - in above post I was of course referring to the household polish named 'Pledge'

Great Internet anonymity!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Vintage Singapore matchbox labels

matchbox labelSome of the labels cannot be found in Singapore anymore, but now you know where you can. (Link)

@#%& 7% GST will kena everyone

coldThey should have increase income tax, like that at least “steady” income people wouldn't kena.

Update: Look like I am not the only one, read here, and my favorite head line.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Thai zoo plans porn video for pandas in hope that they mate

PandaChuang chuang is six and a well behave gentlemen, for 3 years he lives, eats and sleep together with Lin Hui, have plenty of time alone but never laid a finger on her. So the zoo hopes that some erotic scene can help the couples. (Link)

But, isn't six too young for this kind of hanky panky?

Singapore $100 note with rare serials on Yahoo auction

Singapore note
Now you know it can be sold at a 20% profit, would you watch out for note with rare numbers? (Link)

Update: A friend of mine told me, since the number on note never repeat itself, every number that appears is thus unique in some way. So, he concluded that there is no such thing as rare number on dollar's note.

Pictures of innovative ads around the world

Interesting adsToxic blog has photos of interesting ads around the World; some of them may even fool my kids if they see them. This false weight pole on the train was my favorite. (Link)

Hackers guides on home automation over Skype

Home automation over SkypeVia Skype’s blog, hackers at SharpLogic has this amazing write up on how you can control your home appliances via Skype. Sounds intriguing! This should be great if it is simple enough to be rig up by lay men. (Link)

A very rare protest case in North Korea, Hoiryeong

protest in North KoreaThe news source at Daily NK says that shop owners were unhappy with the reimbursement from the government. In few democratic countries like Singapore, protest is harder than slaughtering a chicken. If this piece of news is genuine, it is indeed surprising to know that even in a communist regime, mass protest is still possible. (Link)

China excuse web site assists you to cheat and lie to your partner

China prostitution The site is developed and run by a lady surname He (贺), according to her, cheating on your spouse can be a good will sometime. The site offers services like fake invitation or letter etc, so you can go for officially “unofficial” trip to meet your first tier. The site even promises money back guarantee if the excuses are blown. What a service! (Link)

Update: Via Boingboing, there is also one in English Version. I wonder who came up with the idea first? (Link)

Elton John publicly expresses anti Religion view

Elton JohnIt is all over the blogosphere right now. The famous pop singer openly says Religion is bad; it promotes hatred thinking and critical opinion about gay’s group, they should all be ban. Many MSM and bloggers are on this issue, which would not last for a week.

Maybe he is referring to particular Religion