Friday, December 07, 2007

lostin hack of the day: Hack a fingerprint security system

Figerprint security systemGreat hack from TricksPRO via Instructables, a step by step guide on how you can fool a fingerprint lock into opening the door for you. It looks a bit leceh for me, but maybe some of you can do it easily. (Link)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

China boy with brain tumor that resemble human embryo

Tumor in baby shape grow in brain小鑫 (Not real name), was born with a tumor that grow to the size of fist. Look at the freaky thermal brain scan image. More Freaky than ever, the tumor contains hair and teeth. It is like a baby growing in the head. Does it have a soul? (Link)

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

SF likes structure in Russia, er, maybe not

Structure from Science Fiction novelPhoto from ER, more there. Structure that you find only in Star Wars movie. If you have doubt about alien, analyze this. (Link) best of English Russia

What happen when you name your pet/doll/whatever Muhammad

Gillian GibbonsIn Sudan, This nice lady teacher is jail 15 days for allowing students to name a teddy bear, er, Muhammad. She has to be move to higher security lock-up, fearing that Muslim mob might tear her apart. (Link) to news, via FPW.

How happen 15 days later? She needs more than a plastic surgery, if she survives the term.

The puzzle of male and female

This puzzle, which I solve in 15 minutes at first attempt, is not worth my 2 meals. Come to think about it, the theory of Yang and Ying has been told by many philosopher, saint and great minds alike, but the basic problem of man and woman stills puzzle many. Generation after another, in a vicious cycle.

The name of this puzzle is call “Love” “爱” . hmm, it is chicken feet.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Sex education with robot from Toys”R”Us

Took this photo some time back. I am surprise at how the world never stop trying to educate our children about sex, even with toys. This little odd joy stick between the robot wheels was actually point out by my four years old son, which he calls “kuku”. Too obvious.

Go; bring your children there for an education tour. But I like to find out who is this ‘smart’ designer who puts that thing there.

Oh, you ask, that is suppose to turn the robot ‘on’.

Young Robin hood of Singapore

I have a young relative whom son went astray and turns into shop lifter, being influence by bad company. I realized how juvenile delinquency is on the loose in Singapore. This kind of poster, if you notice, is pasted around many shop or shopping area. Why warn? If it is not getting out of hand.