Saturday, August 22, 2009


孔子的男人四十而立算算也有两千多年了,它除了成为华人用来衡量男人个性成熟的准则外,也让我们了解到,人,需要比其它的动植物还要长的时间来塑造自己。试 想想看,我们是几岁开始有自觉性?所谓自觉性,就是我思故我在,所有的喜怒哀乐、悲欢离合都能在回忆中把它拾起,从新肯定自己的感受。换句话说,就是不再浑浑 噩噩,真实的感觉到自己的存在。以最早来算,人,大概能想起五岁的事,十六岁之前,不能肯定的说出自己的性格。十六岁到四十岁,二十多年来追求完成,不长 不短,也不知到完全的定意。




Thursday, August 20, 2009

Unbreakable password

As you tread across the web for years, your Internet identity accumulated and password became a nuisance. Many will implement simple password, e.g "password" or "drowssap", to avoid the tediousness of managing password. I once face the same problem. I know, off course, you can always click that 'Forgot Password' button and check your email, but it is still an unnecessary step.

I implemented this recently. Now I can remember 20 passwords without writing them down somewhere. I can say, you can drug me, but you may not get those words from my mouth, although I am yet to prove this.

The trick is not remembering those words in your password. Remember it's pattern. Let me elaborate.

Visualize your keyboard as a white board. Write a 'v' with your left hand, write a Chinese word '一' with your right. I believe you know human brain kept images better than words. There you have it. Just put the v一 on your keyboard. You can create pattern, mesh them up, create a 32bit password without breaking a sweat.

Now. How can get someone to tell you his password if it is only a picture in his mind? Even if he reveals the pattern, you would not know where to apply the pattern.

Click the above picture for a simple example. Good luck!

Note: Before I write this, wife call to ask for my PC password. I cannot remember.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Strategy differences between Son and I

Ray and I recently start to have strategy differences. I am reluctant to go into this. Friends who understand me knew I have a weak spot. I hate politic. It makes me cruel, inhumane, and cannot see myself in the mirror. I am so good in it, I become another being, not human.

Last night Ray was given board game "Battleship" by his uncle for his Birthday. He, off course, immediately challenges me to a battle. I laugh at this feeble attempt. We clear the dinning table for the fight.

I lost 2 games out of 2 games. The boy outgrown me faster than I anticipated.

We call it a night because he needs to attend school the next day. No, I quit because it was just too humiliating. I expected a close duel, but this is too much for a mid-aged man like me. An egoistic old man. I feel exhausted. My long night..

Happy Birthday! Ray. You are the best I've got.

Monday, August 17, 2009

By power of Quran, scientist declare Islam is true Religion

Empathy WaterA scientist in Egypt made a "remarkable" discovery. He claims that by exposing water to the chant of The Anthan, it's molecule will transforms into beautiful shape. Every time, without failed. Quote from Ghost of a flea,

"The egyptian scientist explained the water molecules took beautiful shapes everytime they are exposed to air vibrations from reading the holy Quran or saying the word islam or the muslim call to prayer the athan."

Scientists in Japan microscopically confirmed Islam is the correct religion.

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