Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Strategy differences between Son and I

Ray and I recently start to have strategy differences. I am reluctant to go into this. Friends who understand me knew I have a weak spot. I hate politic. It makes me cruel, inhumane, and cannot see myself in the mirror. I am so good in it, I become another being, not human.

Last night Ray was given board game "Battleship" by his uncle for his Birthday. He, off course, immediately challenges me to a battle. I laugh at this feeble attempt. We clear the dinning table for the fight.

I lost 2 games out of 2 games. The boy outgrown me faster than I anticipated.

We call it a night because he needs to attend school the next day. No, I quit because it was just too humiliating. I expected a close duel, but this is too much for a mid-aged man like me. An egoistic old man. I feel exhausted. My long night..

Happy Birthday! Ray. You are the best I've got.

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