Thursday, August 20, 2009

Unbreakable password

As you tread across the web for years, your Internet identity accumulated and password became a nuisance. Many will implement simple password, e.g "password" or "drowssap", to avoid the tediousness of managing password. I once face the same problem. I know, off course, you can always click that 'Forgot Password' button and check your email, but it is still an unnecessary step.

I implemented this recently. Now I can remember 20 passwords without writing them down somewhere. I can say, you can drug me, but you may not get those words from my mouth, although I am yet to prove this.

The trick is not remembering those words in your password. Remember it's pattern. Let me elaborate.

Visualize your keyboard as a white board. Write a 'v' with your left hand, write a Chinese word '一' with your right. I believe you know human brain kept images better than words. There you have it. Just put the v一 on your keyboard. You can create pattern, mesh them up, create a 32bit password without breaking a sweat.

Now. How can get someone to tell you his password if it is only a picture in his mind? Even if he reveals the pattern, you would not know where to apply the pattern.

Click the above picture for a simple example. Good luck!

Note: Before I write this, wife call to ask for my PC password. I cannot remember.

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