Friday, January 16, 2009

Kazakhstan passed new religious bill, then jail missionary

Here (Video) link to Youtube, where you watch an Unificationist announce guilty, 2 years jail term. It is said, in the video, that she “divided people in sinful and righteous, perfect and imperfect” is a crime against peace and humanity.

Here’s the PDF document (Link) to a report on the bill passed on 26th Nov 2008. Under those points, for example, I try to explain some interesting one,

- That “small religious group” is not allowed to conduct religious rite, nor own building
- Cannot like, practice in a legally own house if you are not registered. That makes virtually every new found belief one of them.

Severity of punishments includes exportation from the country. Kazakhstan is World’s 9th largest nation, population consists 40 over percent of Muslim and Russian Orthodox. (Thanks, David)

Japan forumers want government to redefine marriage

I am pointed to this Japanese forum, and informed that it is about a petition to urge Japanese government to legitimize virtual marriage, not a common kind you may guess. It is a union between real world people with a 2D Manga/Animated character.

I can’t read Japanese Kanji, hence no way I can confirm this. The number on the right increases by 5-10 each day. My question is, will Japan government pass the law if this amasses enough number? Like, say ten thousand.

(Link) Project 213,, petition to allow marriage with 2D character in Japan.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Great little Chinese quote from 933 FM

Please refrain from wishing your relative ""裁员" 广进" this coming CNY. Hail 933's wise word.

Audi advertising video turns infantile driver on

This Youtube video really turns on that kiddo in me. *ahem*

(Video) Youtube, "Unbox the Box" Audi Q5 Commercial: Take Me Riding (HQ)

Be the best of both Worlds

Here are 2 lists. The best, and the worst. Pick one. I’ll try both

Steampunk fantasy Chinese MMORPG. Great artwork, not so great ideas.

Look at the logo, wasn’t it an obvious copy of FF7? I also heard it’s game play is a literal WOW engine, and who don’t know Steampunk originated from where! Blending nice little ideas from most great games out there, is this the best Chinese game developers can do?

(Link) 蒸汽幻想, reminds me of why I play less Chinese game nowsaday, aside their annoying DRM

Make a date with Darwin, speaks freely for a day urges you to make your day on 12th Feb 2009, they said,

“On Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday (February 12th, 2009), students everywhere can speak out against censorship and stand up for free speech by defending the right to debate the evidence for and against evolution. In 2009, let’s make "Darwin Day" Academic Freedom Day!”

(Link) Academic Freedom Day, speak out and practice your belief in public. Can we do it in Singapore? I really wonder how Atheist ‘practices’ their ‘belief’. Open sharing, not meant to offend. (Thanks! Mr Belfort, for pointing to this site)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lake Eden, about the dark side of Humanity

Lake EdenThis is a movie I recommend, and will definitely get a copy to watch. I know some friends of mine prefer only ‘positive’ kind of movie, but as long as it strikes a positive effect, any tools might be just as useful. Wouldn’t you agree?

(IMDB) Lake Eden, Lets ponder about tasks undone.

I’ll married your everything

Australia Tropfest winning short film, a touching little love story.
(Video) Youtube, Marry Me.

Burger King challenges your virtual friendship with give-away whopper

Burger King of US, and only in US, tempts you with free whopper for installing “Whopper Sacrifice” application on your FaceBook profile and exits 10 friends. says,

“Now is the time to put your fair-weather web friendships to the test”

Do it now! For the sake of tasty munches, before they do it to you. Friend or food, make your stand now. (Link) News, Free Burger to cut FaceBook Friends. (Site) Whopper Sacrifice.

Iranian Cleric in sex scandal

He is Islam, right?


“A hidden camera catches an Iranian cleric committing adultery, and the video rockets around the blogosphere, where a new generation can finally skirt state censorship.”

As I said, the age of no shadow. There will be no link from me here, visit Rockson, or The Daily Beast.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Beginning of another journey

War TrashI finished “War Trash” few days ago. I am now on “The God of Small Things”. I can feel my speed has increase, as do my age. My New Year resolution is a book per month. Wish me.
The God of Small Things

Singapore is partly free only, please try again later

Free WorldRights group – Freedom House which categorizes nation from 1, very free to 7, not free at all rated Singapore as ‘partly free’. Around 5 or 6, I think. I guess, it means that Singaporeans are preoccupied most of the time. No wonder most of my friends never answer my calls, and now also very hard to make new friend. They are all very busy, partly free only.

Snip from Bloomberg,

“Thirty-four percent of the world’s population lives in “not free” countries, which include China, Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, Zimbabwe and Vietnam. Twenty percent lives in “partly free’ nations such as Ecuador, Colombia, Malaysia and Singapore, while 46 percent are “free,” including Taiwan, Indonesia, Ukraine and Brazil.”

(News) Bloomberg, Global Freedom Fell in 2008 Amid Crackdowns, Rights Group Says,

Unethical China merchant inspired Youtube MTV

Recent cases of contaminated food product have inspired even the China people to condemn themselves. A Youtube user even rig up this Bruce Lee base MTV, changes the lyrics to condemn those ‘inconsiderate’ merchant. If you don’t understand Cantonese, it says China fits the title of “Sickly of SouthEast Asia”, 东亚病夫.

(MTV) Youtube, 東亞病夫:萬里長城滿虧佬(大俠霍亂甲)

When you fight against the vast Internet

Arabian Anti-Piracy Alliance just invited Internet Ah Long to put up some really interesting O$P$ news on their hot news page.

(Link)via TorrentFreak, Hacked, Arabian Anti-Piracy Alliance site.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Chatting with Heaven

I was chatting with Raynor. As you can see, he starts to teach me how to use Gtalk even on his first time. What else can I ask for?

TGIF my post date night

We got all fruity with frontal while listening to ‘Country Road’ and ‘Let It Be’. The last song ‘爱拼才会赢’ gave everyone an adrenaline rush. It was the night, we call this a date.

Gaza Le massacre, photos of children in Gaza

Gaza Le massacreThis is not intended to spoil your Monday morning like some undesirable rate X pictures. Click the link for 47 photos, which you will see kids living in Gaza, some with permanently closed eyes. (Link) you must have a FaceBook account to see.

Here is a DailyMotion Video, and here is a Youtube one You won’t see at our newspaper. Thanks hind hamdan for sharing.