Thursday, August 02, 2007

Youtube: Osama musical

I want to be OsamaVia Milk and cookies, this MTV is sarcastic as well as super entertaining. I am holding my pant while listening, hilarious! Jihader, don’t you want to put down your weapon and laugh together? (Video)

African native track wild animal with PDA

African native with PDAHehe! He is surely richer than me. I believe many auntie and uncle here don’t even know what palm top is. News from Discovery Channel, so now the God is not crazy anymore. (Link)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sex and God, oops! is God and sex

LiveScience has this incredible survey did on graduate on why they have sex. I cannot believe they came out with 237 reasons! This is my favorite, “I wanted to feel closer to God”, genius! I tell ya.

But.. this is even better, “ I wanted to get a promotion” OMG!

I wonder how many reason can creative Singapore graduate come out with. Probably more.

Transformer also visit Malaysia leh, here are the proofs

Transformer from MalaysiaMaria from Funny Cool Stuff says,
“These Protonbots have very close competitors whom are called DeceptiPeroduas. Haha… anyway, all these bots may look good and awesome at first. But guess what, they need to be sent for repair very frequently because they break apart easily! "

Damn right she is! (Link)