Thursday, July 03, 2008

My rock – 实心

My RockWill begins to rock my world literally. I mean, he is now near 30Kg. When he falls asleep in my arm, I felt like more than weight. It is more than concrete weight. I can tell.

We have hard time getting him to sleep lately. He is running fever, low now and high again after few hours, like Singapore jobs market, so hard to tell.

Tonight all is quiet. His heat subsided. We rejoice.

After laying him down on his bunk, yes, bunk. They have yet to learn to sleep on bed. I realized there is a stone at home. This one is a corner stone. It lays the foundation where our love is found. We watch him as we grow drowsy.

Wait! We have 3 rocks. Now side by side, they form a family.

As father of three naughty, sweet little angels, you can never be aloof.