Friday, September 22, 2006

Vietnamese high monk received Human Rights award

Thich Quang Do, Secretary General, Unified Buddhist church of Vietnam, received Human rights recognition from Thorolf Rafto Foundation for Human Rights. The Norwegian human rights organization honored him for his 30 years peaceful opposition against the communist regime in Vietnam. He was also nominated for the coming Nobel prizes on October 13, Oslo. (Link)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Truth in life that you cannot ignore

Technology has brought to the world comfortable life that nobody wants to give up. Science advance, Human economic progresses, but there are still things in life that we cannot choose to hack care.

Does Man have eternal spirit?

If your answer is yes, then preparing yourself for eternity will becomes the most important thing in life.

If No, then like everything else in the world, we will return to the soil one day, like a pig.

There are stuffs that we just can’t denial:

4. Marriage between a man and a woman is best.
15. There is no such thing as an objective person.
26. Racism exists and everyone has it.
27. Everyone judges everyone every day…….

(Link) to Truth Out loud

Remember, you choose your own destination.

Thai journalist recognized as a Champion of free Media

Supinya Klangnarong, secretary-general of the Campaign for Popular Media Reform, was recently acknowledge as Champion of freedom of expression by a famous Australian University. She previously refused to apologize for the comments she make about Thaskin family sold Shin corp’s shares to Singapore’s Temasek Holding, later Shin Corp withdraw their civil law suit against her.

Singtel found her new CEO

Chua Sock Koong, also a member of CCDG. I can’t help but wonder is she affiliated with The People Action Party (PAP) in anyway? Meaning a pawn, I beg your pardon!

It is, however, a strategic move, if yes.

This lady got cutting leh!

Spiderman, the Japanese version

I don’t know, heard it started back at 1978 back in Japan. The spiderman has a very different startup there, and he hides his costume in his bracelet. There is even a megazord version of spidy, which I heard is the first even giant robot use in a TV super hero’s series to defeat a monster.

(Link) to the site of Japanese Spiderman.

(Link) to Youtube’s Japanese Spidy.

O! I can’t wait when India finally make their version of Spiderman.

Photographs of extreme body "arts"

Click on the link to see a few of extreme "decroration" that those punks did to their body, a new "hippies" culture is now emerging in the west, sweeping slowly to the east. The logic behind this is,

when you have nothing inside your heart, try to put something 'visible' on the body.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Singapore religious freedom profile 2006

The report of Religious freedom in Singapore for 2006 is out. Generally, there is no oppression and persecution by the government of Singapore, The authorities only banned them and disapproved registration of any organization that may be affiliated with such groups.

At the time of the report, the numbers of such banned groups are estimated to be:

Jehovah’s Witnesses – Several thousands
Unification Church – Few Hundreds
Falun Gong – Unknown

Most of their Publication is also considered banned material in the country.

Man as tree and tree be Man

I discovered this picture at The Secret Teachings of All Age by Manly P.Hall. I like it very much. In many human culture and scriptures, trees often were use to symbolize Man, Jesus said: “I am the vine and you are my branches.” Just like Man, you seek the whole world but cannot find two identical Man, it would be a waste.

Chinese Proverb: “十年树木,百年树人。”

If I have a choice, I rather be a Durian tree.

Gujarat finally passes the controversial anti-conversion bill

The bill is now passed and clarifies. In Gujarat state, if you convert from Hindu to Christian, the district magistrate can step in if they consider it a force conversion, but, if it is from Hindu to Buddhist, the state will not and cannot intervene. Under the bill, Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism are under the same “category”.

So, India just united the three religions into one, one can now be a Buddhist today, Hindu tomorrow and Jain the day after. Does it mean I have 3 choices of Heaven after I died? (chuckle)

China humorous cross country bike

They call it the super cow cross country motorcycle, but that's not all, after you click on the link and view the bike, scroll down below and see a beautiful naked woman in full view, work safe, I promise. (Link)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Japanese breast like scarf

Now, many people told me, in Japan, anything can gets popular, as long as you market it correctly. I must admit that is about 98% correct. Whats next for them?

Woman fitted with 'terminator' arm

Claudia Mitchell, 26, now the former marine can cook, fold clothing and, eat a banana. This is the second bionic arm fitted on a person. How much it cost? You ask me? beats me! (Link)

In recognition of Gay's right, Taiwan flew rainbow flag in at city hall

Ma Ying-jeou (马英九) hoisted the flag personally, and on the event he speaks: "Tolerance is a necessary virtue for any world-class city," . Homosexuality rights is establishing foot holds in more and more nation now. Soon, we may be face with a choice to accept our children as gays or lesbians. (Link)

And, after everybody become one, we can say bye bye to human race in about a hundred years. Good! at least we wouldn't died through a nuclear catastrophe

Another president in trouble

This year many president of a nation got themselves into trouble, first is Taiwan, and now Hungary. Is there a problem with democratic, or Human has too much freedom at hand?

What kind of freedom you want in Singapore?

I heard that our gahmen is going to squeeze the netizen. Why leh? Internet got a lot of anonymous dissident meh? Where got? But hor, if they allow people to practice their beliefs on the street peacefully, people need to go to internet meh? Internet easier to get people listens to them huh? On the street is more effective lah!

I also heard about some Singapore conspiracy in Thailand, don’t know true or not?

How many proves you need for God existent?

300? Perhaps. For a believer, one reason would be sufficed. For an atheist, even if he comes to you in person, you wouldn’t recognize him. (Link)

Yoda costume for dogs

Yoda dog, cute huh?

Monday, September 18, 2006

Visionary artist’s vision on future Messiah

Recently there are quite a number of hits coming here from the search of Bishop Robert Solomon overpaid and Nanette Crist Johnson. I felt in some way that I am obliged to do some clearing up.

I do not know the Bishop in person, but I generally feel that it is ok for a people like that to be a little “overpaid”, as long as they keep their motives pure and public. Now, it is still very hard to judge whether people on such mission are worth what they are receiving, I guess it is their own conscience that should be their guide. The question they should ask themselves is,

Am I taking much more than I am giving?

As for the American visionary artist, the pictures you see here started all this. Madam Johnson is not in any way affiliated to Unification Church, she is an independent artist who drawn up spiritual painting with her own vision. As you can see, the painting portrait the Maitreya Buddha (弥勒佛), as believe by many in Chinese culture to be the chosen one to be the savior. Notably by the Heavenly Way a.k.a 一贯道 or 天道.

By the act of Darwinism, the painting also resembles Reverend Sun Myung Moon, founder of UC, in his prime.

As many of my previous post have stated, signs, are only meant for believers.

Invisible blood suckers are going to be unleash, soon

Another good reason to increase charges to whatever services or products you provide. I heard that due to lack of office supply in the next five years, Singapore will see a “slight” increase in most office space rents.

Good right? Now, the rich will really get richer and the poor poorer.

You see la! Why your father never buys some properties (shop houses) when he was young? Or else may be now you are one of the Vampy lord oredi!

Thailand government plans to give Phuket Island to Singapore!??

In this morning Phuket Post, K Sondhi Limtongkul says: “…there is a plan to give the whole of Phuket island to Singapore …”

This would probably turn into some big hooha rumors. (Link)

Like... Phuket Island is getiing cleaner every year hor!

Take away your Monday blues with beauty

The first day of the week was always hard to pass. Take a look at this group of Camallias I found on the web, try to imagine that you are surrounded by them. (Link)

Something is going to happen soon, I promise.