Monday, September 18, 2006

Visionary artist’s vision on future Messiah

Recently there are quite a number of hits coming here from the search of Bishop Robert Solomon overpaid and Nanette Crist Johnson. I felt in some way that I am obliged to do some clearing up.

I do not know the Bishop in person, but I generally feel that it is ok for a people like that to be a little “overpaid”, as long as they keep their motives pure and public. Now, it is still very hard to judge whether people on such mission are worth what they are receiving, I guess it is their own conscience that should be their guide. The question they should ask themselves is,

Am I taking much more than I am giving?

As for the American visionary artist, the pictures you see here started all this. Madam Johnson is not in any way affiliated to Unification Church, she is an independent artist who drawn up spiritual painting with her own vision. As you can see, the painting portrait the Maitreya Buddha (弥勒佛), as believe by many in Chinese culture to be the chosen one to be the savior. Notably by the Heavenly Way a.k.a 一贯道 or 天道.

By the act of Darwinism, the painting also resembles Reverend Sun Myung Moon, founder of UC, in his prime.

As many of my previous post have stated, signs, are only meant for believers.

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