Friday, December 30, 2005

There is nothing special about this new year eve

lostin was invited for a new year eve midnite party, but he say no and thankyou! he got some very important things to do.
But, actually, lostin is just a lowly paid highly utilize typical 925 office worker, whom cannot afford an extra S$100 for a party, further more, to gobble suicide water down the Esophagus, in the process burn intestine, overload kidney and liver then call it a happy hour, xiao issit?

After that, at a high like freek but actually suffering state, grasps any tom, dick, harry, or mary to exchange body fluid, quenching the only last for 10 minutes human reproduction desire, as well as help to spread some deadly and incurable disease.

Frankly said, lostin rather use a pillow and *suffa* down his throat, dying quickly from dehydration at home.

The real truth is, he has no money and no time.

There is nothing interesting about the midnite of 31st Dec 2005.

A corrupted and hopeless mind

lostin's brain must be severely damaged,
He talks about alot of things but carry out no significant action.
He is just like this search for his email address on google.

Value only to himself.

He is also a lazy bum, who will not patronize food/drink stalls that refuse to serve.

Card from a almost forgotten memory

Vincent my primary school - 道南's good friend, recently have added a new member to their family, the couples even make a web site for their child
I can still faintly recall how we develop our friendship by visiting the national library together almost daily, while he usually read on England book and I am especailly fond of "十万个为甚么?".

He also introduce manga to me and I get to read like "小叮噹" "好小子" , ever since I have an unquenchable passion for manga.

We use to catch the 'fighting' spider behind our school, fort canning hill, and have our S$0.30 rice with only gravy during our ECA time.

Oh! surely this memory have come back to me like a wave.

Thanks for the card! may your Lord be with you, always.

The gentle side of William

He demand to 抱抱 Ruth and started to cry, we give in to his love for his little sister.
Now he turn and give me a big smile on his face.
I put my hand under Ruth's head in case he decided to let go, but to my suprise he is unusually gentle and stay very still, and seem like enjoying it alot.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

2 thousand years worth waiting?

One of my friend send me link to Nanette Crist Johnson, an American visionary artist.
I am quite curious and did some religion on the internet surfing, real tough, about 2 hours non-stop from link to link.

Here is my opinion:

- Religion cannot save the world, nor can politic.
- Many people out there, religious or not, believe that they can save mankind.
- Combination of all religious logo can save the world, what were you thinking?
- Mankind and religion cannot evolve anymore, we need something new.

ninja turtle brother join venture at home

William last night was so inspire by Koko hack and slash bad guys ass,
So he decided to join venture and I hand over the control.
He only know how to move forward now, but enjoy the kicking and somersault of the turtle.

Soon, plus me, we have 3 participants from our family to join WCG.

Oh! Sorry! I am overage, too old.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

TECH: I can guess your colour

Who ever seen or uses this Kaya lenses?
For the purpose of research, I assure for research only, I am going to get one of this lenses.

Also, next time when people uses a video camera or digi cam, be sure to check whether they are using this lenses, if yes, quickly 'siam' hor!

one more broken family in Singapore

I have just gotten news of my sister-in-law's divorce, they have signed the agreement yesterday, the whole process will take about a year or a half.

Do I feel sad?
Christian's marriage, buddhist's marriage, whatever holy marriage as compare to the legal paper you got from the gahmen, they are the same piece of things you get from you school.

You can get sex education anywhere, but where on earth are there a gahmen that provide marriage education in school.

Is it time for human race to wakeup?

Update and note to self:
My sister-in-law got a 30k upfront after selling the HDB and a S$300 per month support expenses from her husband until she say stop or find another "菜头", furthermore, she won the custody to her only son.

Like what I have always say, think thrice before you do it.(I mean divorce, not marriage)because the paper means nothing if you cannot live together.

Especially the man, the law set for divorce is on women's side.

respect Malaysia worker in Singapore

He works in Singapore and stay in JB for the last five years.
Everyday he will wakeup 5am, washup and cross the causeway by foot, then took a bus to work.

After 8pm he will finish work and go all the way back to JB.

5 years, rain or shine, without fail!

Respect! like that we Singaporean cannot compete liao? We sure kenna breed out one.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

AltaVista - Babel Fish Translation

Just what I do when I am bored, with the internet.
Quite fun, try!

Historical figure of Dec 2005 - Lee's dynasty

How to you want to go down in history?
唐太宗李世民 is arguably the greatest Emperor in the history of China.

The Chinese name of china town “唐人街” comes from here.

Now when study history, no one seem to question how he raise to power.

Firstly he instigated a mutiny with his father against his own country, and then he plotted, killed his elder brother who has the rights to the throne, lastly he “force” his father to resign and declare himself to be the successor. Such is the tactic he uses during his time.

李淳风, 袁天罡 are both the famous astrology from his, who invented the 推背图, which till now nobody know how is it going to end. I also cannot find any resources about them on the internet.

This Picture I got from the Chinese comics 天子传奇4, mostly read and adore by many “ah beng” in Singapore, but despise by many Engrish education who think this comics are infantile as compare to those England one.

If only history can be record in this way, it would not have been so hard for us, I also might have become a history scholar by now.

Poem of Dec 2005 - Faith of a thousand would not change a thing





Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas to all readers

Merry Christmas!
Come back again!

Poem sharing for dec - 满江红


Thursday, December 22, 2005

who invented the left hand drive?

There is an debate among my circle of friends on whether Hitler is the one who influence the way we drive our cars today.

I have a US$20 answer for you.
Actually I kinda of hope the person is 秦死皇。
Like who invented the explosive?

Any ancient Chinese wise man out there?

www on the way of uniting

What is Web 2.0? This post was dated some times back but I just came across it this morning.
From here I get to read on Apache Ant, which is a cross platform Java tool.
And I say to myself, I am too old for this.

cyber doppelganger

There is always a duplicate self in the internet.
Spaceislost, lostin, 南洋之子.
Whatever! you claim I follow you and I claim you follow you.
Copycat, thankyou!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


So many blogger said that you should not be blogging when you are working unless your work is blogging.

How about reading blog during office hour? sure you can't do that too if you cannot blog.

I su this people!
Internet is one of the most basic research tools, most convenience, most useful, for anything.

A list of what "I hate" in Google via Interneck, entertain youself.

I Hate Men
Hails the women, they are the greatest.

I Hate Starbucks
I cannot said enough, kopi is toxic and bad for your stomach.

I Hate Horses
Not that kind of horses but real horses.

I Hate Computers
I think this is due to childhood bad experience.

I Hate Marmite
Any Singaporean still eating this?

Hate Directory
Everything you know you hate and you dunno you hate.

ride the wave of "NKF"

So the Sequel to this Charity "company" has hit again.

I am quite sure that many blogger will take this wave and just type in the word NKF in their post to gain some popularity.

just like this one, it has nothing to do with NKF but with the word NKF, rather a useless irrelevant post, but, someone is going to search NKF and find this.

humble suggestion to Technorati, is time to revise the search engine and implement something like a ranking system.

what do you think?

Temple of elemental good and evil

The Temple which all men will fight with our life to have it and swore to protect with our life if we own it.
The Temple of which only women have the key to it.
It is sacred, from which you can define as good or evil with your free will.

Soon they will find it themselves.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

who want to buy my bone marrow?

NKF has really kick up quite a fuss today, while one China company began marketing kidney.
If it works, we can all say bye bye to this profit making charity company.

But, what about human rights, inmates has no human rights huh?

Then again! which human in which nation give a damn about human rights when there is a demand and $$$.

I am really a frog in the well

I have keep this picture in my thumb for quite some time now, thinking to write something about "井底之蛙" , lostin really is one.
There is actually a weblog title "井底之蛙" , beautifully design, academically worthy, and all about sino-culture and history.

As I say, I am a frog in the well, compare to most interneck user.

Singaporean are stupid!?

This site has been around for quite some time already, but the Singapore blogosphere ignore it and also never heard anyone talk about, why?
Probably because it is just another infantile chinese blog.
Sorry but I really do not know of any chinese blog worthy of reading. Maybe is true that Chinese people are mostly 各人自埽门前雪,莫管他人瓦上霜。
Maybe the site have some hidden political stance.

Anyway, I do enjoy reading this Singaporean are stupid?

Monday, December 19, 2005

ah beng future card joke

Someone try to cheer me up with this joke, thanks hor!

The multi-purpose Future Card will be the version of our perpetually metamorphosing IC in the near future. With an embedded smart chip, it can also be used as a passport, store our medical history, driver's license, act as an ATM card, serve as an electronic purse and even be used at the National Library... what ever you do with the card... you will be tracked!

It may also be a tracking device via GPRS (Good or Bad, depending on the situation). However, a recent debate has brought to light the questionable control on access, potential information abuse and privacy infringement. As the debate rages on, I can foresee a likely scenario when ordering pizzas in the near future...

"Thank you for calling Pizza Hut. May I have your… "
"Haloh! Pisar Hut-ah? Can I order-ah? "
"Can I have your Future Card number, sir? "
"It’s arh… hold on prease… arh… it’s 690230-88-5551."
"Thank you, Mr. Tan Ah Beng @ Or Kwee Tau. You’re calling from 17-D Lorong Cempedak, Gasing. Your home number is 6788988, your office number is 6788788 and your mobile is 021-6788688. Which number are you calling from? "
"Home-lah, wah, where you get all my phone numbers-ah?"
"We are connected to the Future Card system, sir.
"OK-lah, OK-lah, can I order your seafood pisar? "
"That’s not a good idea, sir. "
"Why cannot-ah? "
"According to your latest medical records, you have high blood pressure and high cholestrol level, sir."
"What? Wah-lau-eh… medical records also you know. So what you lecomend?"
"Try our low fat Hokkien mee pizza, I’m sure you’ll like it, sir."
"Wah, how you know I like Hokkien mee-ah?"
"You borrowed a book titled ‘Popular Hokkien Dishes’ from the National Library last week, sir."
"OK, OK, beh-ta-han. Give me three family size pisar. How much-ah?"
"That should be enough for your family of 10. The total is SGD45. How would you like to pay?
I pay by Future Card, can or not?"
"I’m afraid you have to pay us cash, sir."
"Your credit card is over the limit and you owe your bank RM6,720.55 since October last year, sir."
"Ka-nee-nah… everything also know, chia-lat!"
"That’s not including the late charges of your housing loan, sir."
"OK-lah, I run to ATM to take cash before you come to my house-loh."
"You can’t sir, based on the records, you’ve reached the daily limit on machine withdrawal today."
"The latest withdrawal is SGD250 for 4d and Toto at 4:56pm, sir."
"Never mind, just send the pisar. I borrow money from my Ah Mah. How long-ah?"
"45 minutes, sir. But if you can’t wait you can collect it with your motorcycle. You are only 5 minutes away."
"Where got transport?"
"According to your Future Card, you own a Honda scooter, registration number FE 3288…"
"Better watch your language, sir."
"Why should I?"
"Remember on 15th July 1987 you were convicted of using abusive language on a policeman…"


"Is there anything else, sir?"
"Nothing. By the way, still got stock on the 3 bottles of free cola as advertised?"
"We normally would, sir. But based on the records, you are also diabetic…"
"I’m going to the hawker centre to tah-pao. Pisar no stock."

Somehow, not very funny but very funny leh!

I have a mouth but I dare not SCREAM

(This is just a mimic post)
Last night I past by the usual bus stop on my way home, The mobile truck uncle was there, he open his mouth and shouted~~
"I-Scream! I-Scream!"
Scream all you want, uncle, this area(Woodland) will be a walkover.

No picture, because uncle also scare.

fire hazard spotted at Tampines Blk 938

A pile of sofa, woods and junk just lay around there, waiting for somebody to ignite them.

If lostin stay at this place in Singapore, he sure cannot sleep sound at night one.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Ruth 7th day - first tears

Tonight picture is for Will, for he has endure a great deal since Ruth arrived.
And also the sharper picture I have had for him in digital format, no place to keep so put it online.

Ruth's tear gland has also started to mature, soon we will be able to see her happy tear.

Tired week...

WindowsXP-KB905915-x86-ENU headache!

Whole day couldn't figure out how to push it in network ah!!
Pstools didn't work! command line didn't work!
Even running it on local machine cmd line also didn't work!

More kopi would work or not?

Didn't expect Microsoft patches to be so hard to implement in network, better send email to all user and teach them how to turn on automatic update faster.

ice-cream creator are one of the greatest in the world

William is having a postnatal blue instead of our great Mummy whop took care of 3.
We got him 2 dozens of delight from the mobile guerilla infantry, who aim just want to earn some coins during holiday.

He said: "Yum! yum!" and calm down for that night, we also calm down.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Ruth day 6 - What we give to the world

I saw her smile and grap my camera phone and waited and waited,
How difficult it is to get a baby to smile, you know?
I hold still my phone for 15 minutes and never got it.

So I give this to the world. Hope is worth it.

funny recreation sign or not?

I guess this sign are not safe to put at home.
Suppose to be spelunking, but you are the self proclaim super smart and sharp eyes internet user, you tell me.

As I say before, Internet is very dirty.

Who got to go this time?

This morning at the Straits Times:
"Our key is to upgrade and restructure.... if we stay put, growth will strink..."
Sound familiar leh! but this type of cruel thing hor, better you than me.
So.. Start gerrymandering, draw line, ball-lick-ticking, whatever! just make sure the one besides you go down first.

Or.. better still, volunteer, they sure give you a pladge.


Earl Grey!
I need this for my really bad morning, auntie know my heart.
Hard to find, Thank-you hor!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Ruth day 5 - Only the pure hearted shall meet the lord

Actually is, Mummy! why my shirt so o-biang!
No matter how you dress, no matter how you sound, the path lay ahead of you, we will go through together.

Can we get this before our election?

lostin wants to ride the wave of Boingboing, and post this also for fun.
Many pple say that before GE come, anything also boleh!
House upgrade lah! red packet lah! Simi bun a seh!

you think only hor! lostin tomorrow buy a pack of chewing gum for my kids and ask them start spitting evywhere see how?

Our gahmen very gd at blacklisting pple one, even 30 years ago names they also keep track, no need review and update one. Once you are ban, you are ban forever.

Encyclopedia Sex-

Wiki Sex-, is better that you children find this first.
23 years later I will be a Sexagenarian.
Is Sexdactyly rare? I've seen 2 in my life time. I am not born in Sextilis, but in Maius.

More sex- entry? As I say, is better for your chilredn to find this first.

Peggy Ruth Carpenter - Morning Joy

Good morning!
Absolutely charming and beautiful!
When you are happy, even the most ordinary thing also become pretty.

Human ha!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ruth day 4 - Hold my finger

I thought I just keep updating
Somehow you never get tired with baby.
Especially your first son or daughter, and no matter what angle you took the picture from and what lousy camera you use to take the picture.

They are always cute.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Ruth day 3 - Look into my eyes

This is the kind of feeling that cannot be describe.
Somehow, we seem to know each other, like the long lost memory from the ancient.
Somehow, this kind of look will only attract true love, and beyond it, undescibable.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Ruth day 2 - Mummy near me

She started to notice now she sleep alone at night oredy!
So, she refuses and wanted to be carry all the time.
Whenever you put her down, she will call out.

I know, you wanted to be near Mummy.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

We all will remembered this day

For this is the moment women can claim that they are the greatest creature on earth.
They went through a 1 degree higher than human pain torelance, which is grade 10 of pain and human are suppose to pass out, but instead they take it and give forth a new life. the heart of Angels.
Ruth has arrived, 1 week plus earlier than expected.
Mummy wash up, and daddy too, get ready to receive our third born. Now she is out at Mount Alvernia hostpital, waiting to join her new family. I, restless and cannot sleep, think life is that passing on the seed and nourish the world. I try my best.

The spirt and senses are heighten, except wife is exhausted from the extreme pain and after birth joy that we as a man will never got to experience in our life.

Tomorrow will be a great day for me.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Thankyou belly belly much

Although I am not in to all this blogger fame sort of stuffs, but, If you are the one who come and read my post and check out what happen in my life avyday, I so thankyou very much.

Forgive me for my Engrish, I am learning and I know they still sucks.(some say my Chinese also sucks)

Forgive me for my critical view point on whatsoever topic, I don't have the answer to anything although I am very stubborn.

If you mind my web design, I am changing it soon and I am also looking for a good and free hosting so I can start on wordpress.(heard is good, but not sure also)

almost every blogger appreciate readership, the more the merrier, although most of the times that doesn't change their life and also doesn't really means anything.

Once again, thankyou!

Drop by again.

Eiffel tower

Just not what I expect to see when reach home
Suppose to be that.
But he said is "Temple of the elemental of Evil", so close to Papa that he even know what RPG game I played.

BEHOLD! I send thee forth into this family, amidst the wolf

I have had tweaks on my left eye for a few days now already.
I am so nervous and tense that I even had dream of her birth.
I am not talking about the second advent, this is about my third born daughter, who is going to arrive in about a week or so....

I prayed very hard.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

really need to do this meh?

I read today's Straits Times about this few people who lie about their medical status.
I know HIV is deadly and they are expected to face this one day, but....
We really need to announce this to the public meh? Singapore is very small you know, that means they must migrate oversea oredy!

Might as well tattoo a mark on their forehead.

Singapore shop space now expand to multi-storey carpark

I believe this is the first in Singapore, so I approach the owner and took a photo. They look at me strangly, off course, typical Singaporean reaction.
We talkie a little, but I didn't told him that I am going to post this here because he doesn't sound so friendly.

The shop's name are some Bible versus, which I didn't bother to check out, come on! any shop setup using the name of Christ should be cool, shouldn't they?

The owner also told me that they got "special" permission to setup this bicycle repair station here, definitely must be "special" enough to make some resident staying in Pasir Panjang to come all the way here to repair bicycle while our's sell their nonya kuei hiding around at every corner of MRT they can find.

Singapore business are really fair and competitive huh?

(update: I check out The Bible, The shop owner obviously didn't read or was not a believer, there is no John 33:3, but John 3:33 writes "The man who has accepted it has certified that God is truthful". Maybe that was the intention afterall, misdirection, good!)

wanderer in woodlands

Today I woke early and saw this young man sleeping in the shelter with his 六玹琴
Is rainning and is cold, why is he not home?
Pity young fellow, dream good dreams for Singapore.

as usual blogger during US peak hour

Cannot post picture, cannot upload anything.

I guess the picture would have to wait, the guys must be very busy at Google.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

old or new keyboard?

Had anyone seen one like this?
Dunno to call it new or old?
Tell me I am not old fashion.

Monday, December 05, 2005

small car for small people

We get a remote sport car each for Raynor and William, they had lots of fun.
S$7.50 each from TAKA, which was a good buy.
During my generation remote control where got so cheap, not to say that it was quite rare.

Today I am not feeling all that good, rest well, drink a lot of water, docter's advise.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Sunbath - Nowhere to go

No swimming, No class, where to go today?
Singapore so small, really not much place to go.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Nuskin's CEO elected as Chairman of WFDSA

This post do not aim to bit TODAY first, nor to promote Nuskin.
Just got the news from one of my MLM's friend, who ask me to grab TODAY on 17th Dec 2005.

WFDSA stands for World Federation for Direct Sales Association.

So great meh? I didn't even heard of WFDSA, just like IIPC, IIFWP.... sort of. MLM has really got attention here recently, so, is a new economic baby, in infant stage, isn't it?

truely the sign of economic recovery?

Congratulation hor! to mozzie and oldfox and all.
Belly belly good leh! I also envy all of you. Last time I in Navy bun have such good time, and you know what's coming next.
An advise, please be grateful and vote for them hor! otherwise their effort wasted.

Sorry hor! those 20%(just guess guess only) of outsource staff are not included.