Friday, December 30, 2005

There is nothing special about this new year eve

lostin was invited for a new year eve midnite party, but he say no and thankyou! he got some very important things to do.
But, actually, lostin is just a lowly paid highly utilize typical 925 office worker, whom cannot afford an extra S$100 for a party, further more, to gobble suicide water down the Esophagus, in the process burn intestine, overload kidney and liver then call it a happy hour, xiao issit?

After that, at a high like freek but actually suffering state, grasps any tom, dick, harry, or mary to exchange body fluid, quenching the only last for 10 minutes human reproduction desire, as well as help to spread some deadly and incurable disease.

Frankly said, lostin rather use a pillow and *suffa* down his throat, dying quickly from dehydration at home.

The real truth is, he has no money and no time.

There is nothing interesting about the midnite of 31st Dec 2005.

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