Friday, December 30, 2005

Card from a almost forgotten memory

Vincent my primary school - 道南's good friend, recently have added a new member to their family, the couples even make a web site for their child
I can still faintly recall how we develop our friendship by visiting the national library together almost daily, while he usually read on England book and I am especailly fond of "十万个为甚么?".

He also introduce manga to me and I get to read like "小叮噹" "好小子" , ever since I have an unquenchable passion for manga.

We use to catch the 'fighting' spider behind our school, fort canning hill, and have our S$0.30 rice with only gravy during our ECA time.

Oh! surely this memory have come back to me like a wave.

Thanks for the card! may your Lord be with you, always.

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