Thursday, December 21, 2006

Google Zeitgeist – top news and word search 2006

Google Want to know what is the result of this year top Google search? Click on the link and find out, or avoid/dislike me, do your @#$% own research. One thing I am F@#$%%$# skeptical, why there are some many @#$% Id%$t interested in Pa#$% Hil#$%, come on guys! That gal got golden kan meh?. (Link)

Los Angeles airport puts baby into X-ray security machine

baby in xray machine Los Angeles airport puts baby into X-ray security machine.It was the second times in 20 years a baby was place on a basket and sent into the X-ray machine, the baby was later retrieve unharmed and sent to hospital for radiation screening. Result negative. (Link)

Fortunately is not twin that they accidentally put in.

Reuters's "disheartening” photos of 2006

Reuters Strange enough, if you take a closer look at those photos, you see wars, conflicts, disasters, deaths and chaos, among the worst, liar shaking liar's hand. Like there is nothing left in this world. (Link)

My Mum always tells me Politic can save us, we should trust her.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Woman athlete may lose medal because she is not a woman

Santhi SoundarajanSanthi Soundarajan, an Indian 800m silver medalist in Doha game, may face losing her medal. The council may rule against her for displaying negative female attribute during a special gender test. Which means her medal will be revoke. (Link)

Video of robot controlled by thought

Robot move by thoughtI like the way how this little guy moves, forget about how he interprets brainwave and follow human instruction to pick up objects. The movement is so much lady like that I feel like addressing it as Missy. (Video) via LiveScience

Neolithic Juice maker

Neolithic Juice makerClick on the link to read about the Chinese news, it is said by expert that this stone bowl comes with a stone ball for extracting juice from many food stuffs. The theory is like our modern orange squeezer, but it is from five thousand years ago. (Link)