Saturday, February 07, 2009

Chinese poem - 被遗忘的老歌







Tz – 拾起点滴的忧郁,落笔于月光灰暗之下。

Friday, February 06, 2009

Young people just don’t get it

Young people don't get itA research conducted by at University College London, UK, suggest that teen cannot discern ideas of adult probably. The experiment, as picture show, is to move the small ball left. As it is spoken by the man in the picture, youngster move wrongly two out of three of this trial. Iroise Dumontheil, a cognitive neuroscientist there says,

"You probably first need to have the idea that somebody has a different spatial perspective and then you can move onto higher thoughts,"

(Link)NewScientist, Why teenagers can't see your point of view.

Wiki Howto little trick

Coin trickWiki Howto has this nifty trick to hold a pressurized door opened (Link). I recall many locals use this same method to keep a lift door opened; they just jam a piece of cupboard into the lift door. Can you come out with better method?

Time lapse of Google doodle creation

Dennis Hwang, of Google shows you how he draws a doodle for Google, and, how would you like your design to display on Google for a day? Watch on Youtube (Video)

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Mr Brown video on NTU (Backdated)

He is like, impossible not to meet on Singapore Blogosphere. I stumbled upon this interview video of him while searching for new Singapore Blog to read. I know this is backdated because he looks very different now. This is more like the time during the first Blogger con Singapore.

(Video) NTU student interview project - Mr Brown

Youtube, how to make napalm at home

This is an innocent turns terrorist Google. As I search for safe and green way to dispose this. I am also perplexed that Youtube has so many such video.

Youtube, How to make napalm (Link)

Google map of torrent usage around the World

This is a map of torrent peers tracker around the globe, by Pirate Bay. Nation on fire includes China, Thailand, Japan, Russia and Indonesia. Etc. The interesting part, an orange bubble beside Singapore, what does it means?

(Link)TPB Tracker Geo Statistics, Pirate Bay, via Torrent Freak

World first Rock N Roll MTV in Excel format

(Link) to a fascinating site which you can download a Rock N Roll music video fully rendered in Excel. The video is drawn using Excel and music in MP3, everything is played within the spreadsheet. Intriguing! Via MAKE.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

2 years old smoker video on Youtube

Maybe you say, he seems to enjoy the puff, but what kind of sick culture would allow this? There is a Chinese saying, even tiger don’t eats it’s own child.

(Video)Youtube, 2 years old child smoking

Update: Video was removed briefly after I watched them.

Update 2: Video resurface - (Link)

A possible future for humankind

Russia Science fiction novelist Vladimir Streletsky, made a list of predictions for Humanity. Some scary, some probable, few of them I would really like to see them through.

2010: Scientists will finally prove that the human soul exists after death;

2030: A complex of measures will be developed to stop the process of human ageing;

2090: Underwater cities will be built;

2114: Mankind will establish first contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations.

A point here really makes me wonder. When we finally got to know there is surely life after death and yet, we want to stop ourselves from ever going there.

(Link)Vladimir Streletsky’s list of humanity prediction,

Toilet sign @ Chong Pang hawker

I like the funky design. It says you can fart in the rest room, and how the seat electrocutes the woman who seats on it.

Chinese Hero, English, in Popular Bookstore

If you think Manga by Chinese got ‘no standard’, I highly recommended this.

How to play video game in bath room

Playstation controller soapHere is a gadget that allows you to do just it. Don’t let it slip.

(Link) Controller soap for geek in toilet,

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Transformer Mickey Mouse

Optimus MickeyThis cross breed of Optimus Prime and Mickey brings alive the Disney dream and geekdom in me. Via Joriben. (Link)

Monday, February 02, 2009

Ghost from Siege of Leningrad, Superimposed photos

Leningrad Siege: Now and ThenDon’t miss these overlapped pictures of war time Saint Petersburg with modern street view. They painted stories of captured Leningrad that’s better than many books and movies, fit for a reference as your new novel.

(Link) English Russia, Leningrad Siege: Now and Then