Saturday, August 20, 2005

Lunch out - PPC

Lunch out - PPC
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Chinese prata and chappalang!

Sky getting dark, next stop Marina South.

Sunbath day - any day

Sunbath day - any day
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Rainning and afterthat sunshine liao!

Friday, August 19, 2005

never ending saga?

NKF again! seem like it will never end.

This time is what?

look very serious leh!

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Lunch moblog - dover rd

Lunch moblog - dover rd
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Cha kay tiaw and lemon tea. 95% of food here are nice. Lizy is lazy to come here, what a watse! TYM still in ofie, meeting huh! Where got time!

are you afraid of computer ghost?

mid of 7th month orredy leh!

put this on your PC just in case~!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Happy Birthday Raynor!

We celebrate this every year. This year is a bit special coz there is only us.
Every year no matter how hard I try, I cannot help but still felt that I can give him more.

Love never grow boring and tired, although you have given your 120%, somehow you will be replenish.

and in his image he create them...

To date we had always in our best try to give him proper guidence and character education. When he grown he must be a better man than I am or I have failed as a father.

he has been my greatest blessing. From him I really experience the heart of heaven.

Being a Father is a never ending process of learning and joy.



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My 1st moblog, onesingaporeminute.


3 stupid fellow!

No wonder I can't sleep last nite.

Where got Singaporean share thing FOC one!

Sleepless nite - mind over body

7th month izzit?

Last nite lostin could'nt get to sleep. Endup spending the whole dream hours going through old magazine.

Probably coz William was coughing again.

I wish I had a fever so I don't need to go work, but Singapore can died cannot sick leh.

This morning lostin go to work like a zombies.

hehe, still can blog??

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

3C - let the pass be the pass

do it quietly.....

finally! with the return of oldfox, the curse of my mind is over.

"死贱人! 臭贱人!"

don't you feel spiritually exhausted with all the complain, criticize and condemn?

there is a more constructive way.

random rant..

morning surf stop :

who is this guy? claim that he develop 3D search engine.

video for the protest at CPF builidng...

about our rights.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The day when it was build

a place where your mind is trap

I read this post today, and cannot help but wonder when our gahmen is going to arrange an 'education' tour to there for our young generation.

I guess not.

As I am writting this, my media player was playing "Hunger" from "Black Hawk Down" composed by "Hans Zimmer". (this style copy from Miyagi one. Sorry hor!)

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Curly fries and baby bonus

don't be to happy

the consumption of fries has gone up by 3% ever since we lower our meal's price and give away goodies.

what they do with the fries?
who cares! We can open up more outlets and sell more fries.

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Historical figure - 1st try

Patriot or Rebel?

you know in my profile I've talk about history lah! humanity lah! But I have yet to even post one, so today lostin is going start trying all this craps.

北一辉(北辉次郎), a unusual man in an usual time. You cannot find him in Wikipedia nor Google answers, but in 百度 you can find this.

Living in the age when the government is corrupted and the gap between rich and poor is big. He had invloved in the 辛亥革命. He nearly turn Japan into a bloody war field.

Some Japanese call him patriot but he is most commonly know as "魔王". You can find him also in Japanese wikipedia.

He is also a very regilious and spiritual man and was said to foresee the second world war.

All this sound too familiar to me.

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Monday, August 15, 2005

Dark roses

looks can kill

Beautiful isn't it?

at the same time it give you that eerie feeling.

the world knows it, but many people choose to ignore the fact. Abstinence before marriage and fidelity is the only way to stop it.

ones will not died without sex.

think you are safe behind that rubber? think again!
too bad I cannot find any real statistics in Singapore.

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without wax waxing

lostin receive this without wax, Thanks!

recommended excerises that you can improve your health while working in the office.

1. Jumping to conclusion
2. Beating around the bush
3. Running down the boss

4. Going around the circles
5. Dragging their feet
6. Passing the buck
7. Climbing the ladder
8. Wading through paperwork
9. Pulling strings

10. Throwing their weight around
11. Stretching the truth
12. Bending the rules
13. Pushing their luck

Sunday, August 14, 2005

don't bother! is just another blog

wait! I'm just warming up

when you see someone say something not so nice about you on a blog, what can you do?

1. get angry and blog about it
2. hack care and continue stretching
3. go to his/her blog and spam

anyway! they are more popular than you mar!