Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Historical figure - 1st try

Patriot or Rebel?

you know in my profile I've talk about history lah! humanity lah! But I have yet to even post one, so today lostin is going start trying all this craps.

北一辉(北辉次郎), a unusual man in an usual time. You cannot find him in Wikipedia nor Google answers, but in 百度 you can find this.

Living in the age when the government is corrupted and the gap between rich and poor is big. He had invloved in the 辛亥革命. He nearly turn Japan into a bloody war field.

Some Japanese call him patriot but he is most commonly know as "魔王". You can find him also in Japanese wikipedia.

He is also a very regilious and spiritual man and was said to foresee the second world war.

All this sound too familiar to me.

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