Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Google Doodle - One World Under God

One World Under God
A New Beginning
Significant Others
Time to Go HomeGoogle has a vote for you favorite doodle competition. The theme is “What I Wish for the World”. I was quite impressed with what the k3 grade has come up with. These are the 4 doodles I voted, in order.

One World Under God
A New Beginning
Significant Others
Time to Go Home

Doodle 4 Google - What I Wish for the World

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Root boot, walk like Ent

Demonstration of a boot that not only wraps around your leg like tree bark, but also make ripping wood sound while the wearer moves, a perfect way to walk like an ancient being.

Project source – Root Boot

Monday, May 11, 2009

Abstract Illustration of Bible, verse by verse

Jesus weptToday I join a Facebook group ‘The Flaming Fire Illustrated Bible’ and was directed to this site, where many, many artist contributed their illustrated view of Bible’s verses. Most of the illustration is surreal or symbolically represented, which stirs many wild Imaginations in me.

Seen here is from John 11:35 ‘Jesus wept.’ By James Robinson.

Original Site

5000 years of Religion in 90 seconds

Embedded here is a shortwave video of how and when various Religion is spread throughout the globe for the past 5000 year, in one and half minutes.

Source – History of Religion