Friday, March 02, 2007

Internet ΟΔΥΣΣΕΙΑ 9

Details of Armed forces strength for every nation
I don’t know how accurate this site is, can any military people confirm? I guess not.

FlyTech Dragonfly
This is better than the robo mini copter, I am waiting…

I am lonely; therefore I blog
An article writes about blogging link to loneliness

Fish dot Org
I guarantee this is de biggest fish data base you will ever come across

What you like tells a lot about you
I stumble upon this on I don’t know who Blogger, fun, I keep playing it.

Zdic dot Net
This is hands down the best Chinese online dictionary. I use it all the time

The village Vegetable
An excellent blog that talks about healthy eating habit and food recipe. Food lover don’t wait.

Steampunk Star Wars Galaxy’s artwork

Via Wired, Eric Poulton has some very creative Star Wars characters mash-up in industrial revolution style, fascinating drawing plus accurate description. I like this steampunk Dark Vader. I hope he make a steampunk Yoda soon. (Link)
SteamPunk Dark VaderLord Vader
More machine than man, Vader is the Empire's most decorated General and a very powerful practitioner of the Force's dark arts. He is obsessed with communicating with the spirits of the dead, spending every sleepless night trying in vain to contact his lost love. Twisted and broken in body and mind, Vader is driven with sadistic passion.

NASA image of carbon monoxide level throughout the world

NASA Image of CO1Seen from the map is carbon monoxide distribution in the World last year Nov, the brighter the color, the worst it is. Notice Indonesia area has extremely high level, because of last year wild fire. I wonder is there a real time image for the public to view? (Link)

Russia old theater installed equipment to block cell phone

Please Turn off your stoopid Hand PhoneThe gadget was said to be very expensive, but the theater management has had enough of those inconsiderate patrons, who many occasion speak aloud with their mobile, very disrupting to the show. One of the performer exclaimed,

“Turn off that stupid phone and let me finish my soliloquy! @#$% mother!"

Ok, the last part was from me really. (Link)

Nanyang Chinese Culture – Lion Dance

Lion DanceVideo clip of Lion Dance performance “采青”, taken with Mighty N80 on CNY visitation at AMK. Lion Dance has long history, dated back since the Warring Dynasty. The yellow lion seen here represents “刘备”, Emperor of Shu Kingdom during 3 Kingdom dynasty. (Video)

Ancient solar observatory discovered in Peru

The Thirteen Towers
The thirteen towers seen here may have been used to observed the sun. Ancient site provides clue for archeologists and historans to understand the complex “cults of the sun” 2300 years ago during the Incan time. Quotes for NewScientist,

“Sun worship and related cosmological beliefs at Chankillo could have helped to legitimise the authority of an elite class, just as they did within the Inca empire two millennia later."


Electric guitar in Famicom style

Famicom Electric GuitarVia Endgadget Japan, this electric guitar built like a Famicom game machine is so cool, very appealing to old time gamer like me. Now you can jam and has a feel of video gaming at the same time. (Link)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

MTV of China real construction site worker

MTV of real construction workersGroup of workers at site got very popular in China Internet now. They did many US pop song mash-up and recently became notice by netizens in China. I do enjoy this “we will rock you” MTV. Creativity belongs to all level of Human. (Video)

Haw candy made to look like color pebble stone

Haw Candies like Color Pebble StoneNo matter how close you look, these candies feel like real stone. Until, finally you dare drop into mouth and give it a bite. You look at the pebble stone in your hand, could not believe you just ate a stone. Most people I gave these to hesitated. Get it from Watson.

Feeder spoon attached to milk bottle

Feeder SpoonVery useful for baby turning to solid food, tilt the bottle to deliver milk through hollow handle, you then can feed your baby with the spoon, nifty!

Ohio may implement pink car license plate for repeated sex offender

Pink Car PlateWhether is it same sex offence, or different sex offence, the pink plate should be obvious for every road user, it is like mark of the beast. Due to sheer public pressure, Ohio’s road may see a new kind of special car plate once the law is passed. (Link)

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Youtube controversial nude clip

For lady only
Youtube never removes this clip, which kind of surprise me. Otherwise I think this video is excellent if not provoking. It receives so many viewed for other obvious reason apart from medical. (Video) Extremely USFW

English lesson on how to rape a paper

Raping PaperI cannot tell you where I got this ad, but even my kid would not get the spelling wrong. In order not to be biases, I will not say the ad is spotted in China, but you and I know better.

Criticizing others language ability is not my style, this is going to be the last.

Australia banned Hyundai pre mating ritual car commercial

Hyundai adsHyundai kiddy TV commercial portrait a little boy picks up a toddler girl with his gorgeous car, have some fun, went to seaside and …., you can guess the outcome. Viewers, mostly Christian, launch complaints and ASB of Australia ban it.

However, I enjoy the clip very much. (Video) VSFW

How to make your CPU casing sexy

Sexy CPUModification by some geek on his PC, follow his instruction guarantee that you will visit your computer al least once per day. Not for kid under 16. (Link)

Shinning teeth Bollywood chewing gum ads

Indian Chewing gum adsIndian TV commercial on chewing gum that brightens you teeth, I like the funny idea and forever-merry spirit of the Indian. Would Indian’s peasants buy ton of these to replace lamps at home after watching? (Video)