Friday, September 09, 2005

Historical figure Sep - War hero

Every nation has their own war hero, But the only different between a traitor and a patriot is only 胜者为王, 败者为寇. If you happen to employ the right strategy and win, you gather man around you and become a king.

Vision and Attitude are secondary.

There is no hero in human history that never use extreme tactic, those are known as saint. They just stand there and get kill and thought hopefully someone will notice and carry on their ideal. How many saints can you recall?

Subhash Chandra Bose is one of the true patriots of India(now divided), much forgotten by many of this people now, not even known to many of us. His childhood is somewhat view as naughty. In my view point he is a very stubborn racist, and a 行动派( activist) . That is one of the reasons why he broke off from Ghandi.

This site has a quite impressive collection of Netaji.

You can also see Wikipedia Netaji or Answer Netaji, they are the same anyway.

But this song composed for him is quite nice. Taste very ‘national’.

Why he was never given a title “Father of India”? Controversial?

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morning benglish gossip

Why this guy av morning late for work one? Don’t he know that is important to come on time for work?

Not only this! He casually goes for his breakfast avday. He must have police this is his freaking grandfather’s company. The boss has notice, he sure kena bau ku yu one!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Dating n bloggin - at the same time

Now than I know Singapore have family day, but we need to close all sports complex meh!

Until sgrean all got no place to go oredy. See sakae sushi also long Q.

If avday like this I also want to open food stall.

Coffee flavour pain killer?

Has a bad headache lately and get some of this 'extra' pills. But I don't really recommended it.

Why? You do read the labels right? And afterthat lostin found out just how smart the pharmaceutical company can get. Extra har! extra what? Just by adding another 65mg of caffeine into the existing 500mg and call it "Extra". Is like: "oh! I have to raise the fare coz I put 'extra camera' lah, 'extra' advertisement lah", sort of. What a creative way to boost your annually sales and diversify your product.

lostin has a better way, why not add some lemonade or strawberry flavour to the pain killer, so those people afraid of pill can now chew on it, HAha!

I perfer 2 cups of coffee and a regular panadol. Its cheaper and tastier leh!

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Early bird gets Today

I am not always an early bird and today I am quite late actually. But still got a copy of this 'getting really interesting' newspaper.

Lots of tour ads leh! Is that why they give out extra? But Today is getting more popular, hope is not a delusion from MRT scene.

But at my place MRT always long Q leh, even auntie and uncle also there, bout 20 of them every day, lostin too lazy to Q, so maybe have to suscribe liao.

Today feature: 8 Big white elephant in bangkok MRT! Haha! with all this small skimish around the country, our gahmen sure headache one. Look like the fire has started to burn, how long it will last? will it expand?

Mozzit still on the loose.

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Who are you working for?

Recently some of my high professional friends like Engineer has been politically 'de-promoted' . They are call to 'take out the trash' or 'reshape the store room' something like that! how sad!

Now this is specially clear if you work in a big 'civil' sector, 10-30 years of hard ball-lick-ticking has gone down the drain. Some young super high flyer came and start to do a little resturcturing. Guess what! you are in the picture!

Now you have 2 choices. Packup and go or continue to work from hell again, and this time your beloved boss would be around to aid you. Why? Frankly said, who survive the Titianic.

Don't mend the ship. Don't be a Heroine. Don't even try to pull string.

In lostin petty view point, human social economic sturcture is crappy. It is more true in Singapore. The best advise is "寧為雞口,不作牛後"

Why are you working anyway?

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Farmer's look

This is the first time I am going to put my photos online. Well, not exactly but close. Anyway, what do you expect a street art from Thai that cost only S$8 could do? At least he didn't miss my just grown moustache.

I sat there for bout 10 mins and are surpise that mozzie didn't get me.

This is not quite to my standard yet, so I'll keep looking. But they are cheap nevertheless.

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Monday, September 05, 2005

Kunpok's heart - The reason to return home

As much as you dislike a place, and whatever unpleasant had happen around you. There is always a place you will call it sweet, and you will defend it with all you heart.

You may call silly-pore, you can call it singa-bloddy-pore, but you know you can never let go, the place that you blood will continue...

I am not a patroit, but I love my home.

Way back

Way back
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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Sunday walkaton

Sunday walkaton
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Endless street of Bangkok Chinatown....

A real test of character.

Patient, endurance, alertness etc.