Thursday, September 08, 2005

Coffee flavour pain killer?

Has a bad headache lately and get some of this 'extra' pills. But I don't really recommended it.

Why? You do read the labels right? And afterthat lostin found out just how smart the pharmaceutical company can get. Extra har! extra what? Just by adding another 65mg of caffeine into the existing 500mg and call it "Extra". Is like: "oh! I have to raise the fare coz I put 'extra camera' lah, 'extra' advertisement lah", sort of. What a creative way to boost your annually sales and diversify your product.

lostin has a better way, why not add some lemonade or strawberry flavour to the pain killer, so those people afraid of pill can now chew on it, HAha!

I perfer 2 cups of coffee and a regular panadol. Its cheaper and tastier leh!

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1 comment:

Christine said...

I used to take Panadol, especially 'Panadol Active'. For me, pain killer is such a 'gift' from heaven to save my pain. Albeit i know it is not good for health....:(