Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Who are you working for?

Recently some of my high professional friends like Engineer has been politically 'de-promoted' . They are call to 'take out the trash' or 'reshape the store room' something like that! how sad!

Now this is specially clear if you work in a big 'civil' sector, 10-30 years of hard ball-lick-ticking has gone down the drain. Some young super high flyer came and start to do a little resturcturing. Guess what! you are in the picture!

Now you have 2 choices. Packup and go or continue to work from hell again, and this time your beloved boss would be around to aid you. Why? Frankly said, who survive the Titianic.

Don't mend the ship. Don't be a Heroine. Don't even try to pull string.

In lostin petty view point, human social economic sturcture is crappy. It is more true in Singapore. The best advise is "寧為雞口,不作牛後"

Why are you working anyway?

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Melissa said...

hey thanks for visiting my blog... ur blog is pretty interesting =) id love to visit singapore, i love it there esp the shopping and food! =) yum yum!!!!