Friday, December 08, 2006

Youtube: Drawing car with Microsoft paint brush

After this video, no one can tell me MS paint brush is the crappiest illustration software of all. Wait a minute! Maybe it is still the crappiest; imagine what this illustrator can do with his hands alone. (Video)

Court of Somalia passes extreme Religion punishment for local residents

GuillotineCoup de grace for the citizens of South Somalia, Council of Islamic Courts promises a guillotine for any Somalia’s resident that fail to pray five times a day, a martial religion law for locals to meet the absolute standard of Islamic teaching.

There is bright side though; all works must be stop during the prayer.

China researchers successfully duplicate ancient astronomy instrument

Click to enlarge:photo from China webThe mystery of this device ( 神奇铙神)is the statue will gong 8 times every 15 minutes. Without any mechanism or gear, the ancient robot’s ability remained a mystery to many Historians and Astronomers for centuries.

America History Channel will document the full story and air to 29 countries.

9 families driven from homes after conversion to Christianity

AssamIn Kokrajhar district of Assam, villagers turn angry on families attended Pentecostal meeting on November 13th, their houses were destroyed and they were forced to take shelter in the nearby school. Locals believe that the gathering might have offended Bodo tribal meeting the next day.

Scientists in China discovered several new human genes

AlleleThe gene was subsequently confirmed and name by WHO as HLA Allele - 2451, or compatible antigen for human white blood cell (gene database AY904343). The discovery helps to reduce risk of acute repel in human organ or bone marrow transplant significantly.

The Allele is under further study to determine its nature.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

US pheonix airport plans to deploy total see through security camera

X ray pictureLook at the photo; this is what you will look like when walk through the camera. Although physically human is no different from one another, walking naked in public is so much different from having own naked photo. (Link)

A little liberty compromise for security, and then a little, then a little more….

Adorable donkey kettle one of a kind on internet

Donkey KettleI google and google and all I find is this, I would love to see a whole series of kettle designed in animal shape and form, for decoration or tea, such an appliances will sure keep you guest talking. (Link)

Sidenote: I am not sure whether this is a donkey, it also looks like a mule to me.

China secretly executed protester convicted of murder during riot

Chen Tao, a protester from Sichuan environmental protest which turns riot, was quietly executed by China under charges of murdering a riot police. His father was informed by prison warrant only when he tries to visit him at Ya’an jail.

Back then, China also tries to block all media from reporting any protest against the Sichuan Dam in 2004.

Should government of nation block any news which is against national interest? If we are talking about family’s matter, maybe it is best kept within the family.

Anti 2nd hand smoke ads that bring smiles

2nd hand smokeAds by Ad council and America Legacy Foundation, gently remind us show our concern to people around us. The “don’t pass gas, take it outside” slogan was not only funny, but brings warm and soft reminder to everyone. (Link)

There are more creative ways to stop people from smoking other than increasing cigarette taxes which only benefit the tax collector.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Youtube kena banned by Iran

Iran blocks Youtube
Actually, it is a matter of time before more Islam state move to either censor or totally block access to Youtube, because of man’s nature, however, silent would not be for long. (Link)

You can banned your home, but what about your neighbor?

Photograph of Falun Gong practitioner’s protest and my comments

Falun GongI do not know how to say this, but if you tell me the minority religion groups are receiving fair treatment here, I find it hard to believe. Is it report base on China that we make the such stance? What about a more objective World’s opinion? (Link)

MSM please do not report this.

Flickr set of very pretty Origami

Dragon OrigamiPhillip West have this set of very handsome paper art that will stun even the master of paper craft. I am specially fascinated by the Japan’s deity series, which also schooled me about the numbers of Japan god. (Link)

Also don’t miss the star war’s series.

Boy arrested for opening Christmas gift without permission at home

Mum called the police, and the teen went to police station, police later remarks that they would not hold a 12 years old. Boy’s single mother told police that her boy was disruptive and would not believe anything until it happens. (Link)

I am not sure that the boy feels remorse or not, but I am pretty sure I will always remembered my mum called a police on me.

Search and donate to charities at the same time

You may have heard about this, now did you use it? I try to use it few times a day, and on the way I also found out how many times I use search site per day. (Link)

Superb lyrebird able to mimic almost any sound

Superb lyrebirdI guess I am just too old to only come across this wonderful bird now. This little flying beast not only sings song of paradise, but listen to him when he imitates siren, chainsaw etc. it makes me wonder whether it can mimic a machine gun’s sound? (Video)

Youtube: Kiwi’s Dream

This is a very popular recent Youtube video which takes the www by tsunami. The video is about a kiwi who dreams of a real flying experience, little Humanity axiom, superbly cute! Enjoy! (Video)

I put it on my right side menu for a while, or you can click on the link to go direct.


Veron says,
I chanced upon this video a few weeks ago and it made me tear the first few times I saw it. I never get tired of watching it though. You can download a Quicktime version from the creator's website too.

Thanks! Veron, here is the download link (Quicktime version)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Site that tracks and records how people feel around you

Click to enlargeVia Digg, this site has a very smoothing GUI, you can select the country, gender, age group etc. If you are interested, you can just sit there for hours and read about how people feel according to your choices. (Link)

Very interesting, I didn’t know that so many Singapore young ladies are not shy to express their feeling online though anonymous.

Wacky howto: make bottle cap earrings

I don’t know; there are a lot of bottle cap earrings on the web, but it seem like no one is wearing them. I think they are suitable for collection only, like can see cannot wear. (Link)

10 good bad things you usually hack care

Live Science invites you to have another perspective at life, maybe that food you’ve always take wasn’t so bad after all, or maybe that person you have always hated actually benefits you in someway. Do you have all your opinions researched? Or they are the so call trusted public view point? (Link)

Jesus Holy cornflake bids $7000, half goes to charity

Holy cornflakeFor whatever reason, this time Christ shows himself on a cornflake. No matter how the owner try to illustrate it by pointing to the nose, eyes etc, I just can’t see it. Maybe my faith is so limited. How about you? (Link)

When will I get enough of this?

Dalai Lama disapproves Relics exhibition in Singapore

Dalai LamaThe office of his Holiness, deem the dependency on worldly stuffs as such is not an appropriate Buddhist teaching, say it is not Buddha’s advice to take refuge in profane spirits. (Link)

I can’t believe this advice come directly from Dalai Lama’s mouth.