Friday, September 29, 2006

Lago Fluttua’s designed bed like the flying carpet

The bed is design by Lago. Even when you are on the bed, as long as you don’t look behind, it gives you the feeling that you are floating. How about have designs of sea or lava on the bed room floor? You get the pictures? I am going to copyright this levitation idea. Kidding! Take as you want. (Link)

Video of giant mantis eating a snake

Now, in Chinese martial art, it is off course possible for a mantis move to KO a snake move, but what about real life? I got this photo for tech163 the China web and did a search. You can watch the video at Google about praying mantis munching a snake up. (Link)

Failed to pay up, FEER now has no stand in Singapore

Far East Economic review is now an illegal material to own, sell or distribute in Singapore. PAP Singapore Gahmen banned it because it disrupt social order failed to pay up the protection fee meet up the with Singapore press regulation. (Link)

For those who are still interested to read, you can go to the internet instead, but make sure no one is standing besides when you are reading.

Greeting from a far away land

I didn’t do this myself. Someone made this little surprise and send the link to my email. I thankyou so much and reckon that this must be from a lady. Please come by more often.

Dog’s backside pattern that resemble the image of Jesus

Yet another sign, if you are so incline to call it. If this is really the work of the almighty, He sure has a very special taste in choosing where to show the sign. (Link)

Anyway, great imagination for the person who photoshoped this. I don't think this is funny.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Wacky HowTo: hang your phone data on your ear

Today wacky idea from Wiki HowTo. Why do you need to spend another 5 bucks or so for another pair of earring? What better use for an unused SIM card then converts it into ladies accessories?

Try this:
How to Make SIM Card Earrings?

The warning is quite funny, it says,
“If you perform this procedure on a SIM card, it will not function in a cell phone anymore! “

Off course it does, thankyou for telling me.

China woman survive for five days after she swallow down 20 cobblestones

Woman from GuangXi, gobble up 20 cobblestones after a quarrel with her boyfriend, she then went to internet to seek for help after 5 days. So, don’t panic if you just swallow up a chewing gum or what, ok? LOL (Link)

The living goddess of Nepal cult Kumari

Kumari Devi, the living goddess of Nepal went through some “special” selection by five Buddhist priests before she can be called one. The trial includes facing dead animal’s head in a dark room alone without being frighten and more. She would also be considered invalid for worship if she even has a minor scratch wound on her body. (Link)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

List of nations and their ‘nicks’

I came across this post with many of nation and their so call other name. Many of them even I also never heard of, it is good information for fellow writer.

Ethiopia (埃塞俄比亚):The Barefoot Country (赤足国)

Lima (利马):The City Of Drought (干旱城)

Tunisia (突尼斯):The Olive Country (橄榄国)

More… (Link)

China JiangShu art Lecturer explain body art in nude

I don't know how to say China. They are open or not open? (Link) Same feeling I have for Singapore.

Top 10 list of China University bath charges

This is a little funny! Tell me about the last one. I change the China dollar to Singapore dollar, the rate is about X 5.

1.) Taiyuan Technical University SGD7.2 per hour.
2.) Zhejiang Shaoxing Institute SGD6 per hour.
3.) Shenyang Technical University SGD4.2 per hour.
4.) Chiangnan University SGD3.6 per hour.
5.) East Chinese University new campus SGD2.1, old SGD3.6 per hour.
6.) China Oceanography University SGD2.4 per hour.
7.) Gansu Agricultural College SGD2.1 per hour.
8.) North China Science and Tech University SGD1.8 per hour.
9.) Sichuan University first 10 minutes 20 cents then SGD1.8 per hour.
10.) One Anonymous University Only allow to take a bath at certain hour, you insert a card and the meter runs. Before you know it, the card runs out. Sound very familiar, like "some card system" we know in Singapore. LOL!


You have to take bath charges into cosideration when choosing a university in China, ok?

Secret of disappearing body revealed.

The post not only shows this magic from the ancient, but revealed its secret too. You have to be able to read Chinese to understand the secret though. I am not going to translate it here, go and read it yourself. (Link)

Prodigious egg sculpture and decoration art

This amazing art originated from the Far East. It started from drawing on the egg at first, and then developed into crafting and beautifying. The picture I got from here while you can view a list of this prodigious art from the link. Great art! (Link)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Korea golden zone show off ultra exp gold bra name "Phoenix"

The dream of many ladies, but what you hung on your bodies cannot enter your heart. The lady's ware also engrafted with diamonds and all. Nice! I mean the ware. (Link)

List of banned books from Google

In case you wanted to know, this week is the Banned books week. Google has something special for you. (Link)

Marriage rate – divorce cases = No help here!

The news last night told you that more couples are getting married this year, right?

I read this news about Divorce cases also go up leh! Why the MSM nair say? Positive reports like the 12 spies send by Moses huh? When you are losing the war say you are losing the war, why only tell people the half**k story?

But then again, I don’t know how true those media are anymore, because among the 70 plus couples I know as friends, the divorce rate is 0, they are people with all kind of education level.

Surely there will be some more lame excuses about this again.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Beautiful lady in full armor

This iron lady is on sale here, look at those gorgeous photos from all angle, it is pretty right to every detail! Especially the last picture, it is almost illegal to stare at it. (Link)

Charity marathon of 700 hundred gorillas

24th September, seven hundred men and women participate in a run to raise fund for gorillas, they are all in different kinds of hairy beast costume. (Link)

Folks, we cannot do this Singapore, we’ll all get heat stroke.

Polygonum multiflorum that resemble a little boy standing

One of China construction site recently dugged out a polygonum multiflorum that looks very much like a boy. Now, in Chinese culture, any plant that takes on a shape of Human would be consider a spirit.

The plant has every thing a human boy has, even a part that looks like a sexual organ. (Link)

Photos of Geometry Body Arts

A set of photo created with the concept of geometry, those who appreciates mathematics would surely like this. I personally think that geometry itself is a kind of art. Think Da Vinci. (Link)