Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Top 10 list of China University bath charges

This is a little funny! Tell me about the last one. I change the China dollar to Singapore dollar, the rate is about X 5.

1.) Taiyuan Technical University SGD7.2 per hour.
2.) Zhejiang Shaoxing Institute SGD6 per hour.
3.) Shenyang Technical University SGD4.2 per hour.
4.) Chiangnan University SGD3.6 per hour.
5.) East Chinese University new campus SGD2.1, old SGD3.6 per hour.
6.) China Oceanography University SGD2.4 per hour.
7.) Gansu Agricultural College SGD2.1 per hour.
8.) North China Science and Tech University SGD1.8 per hour.
9.) Sichuan University first 10 minutes 20 cents then SGD1.8 per hour.
10.) One Anonymous University Only allow to take a bath at certain hour, you insert a card and the meter runs. Before you know it, the card runs out. Sound very familiar, like "some card system" we know in Singapore. LOL!


You have to take bath charges into cosideration when choosing a university in China, ok?

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